LG Uplus Smart 002 Plan

The least expensive way for us to call to the Philippines is by using a VOIP like Kakaotalk and Viber. I love Kakaotalk simply because the sound is clearer.
For those who prefer to call a landline or cellphone number in the Philippines, LG Uplus Smart 002 Plan is cheap and convenient. I changed my mobile phone subscription from SK Telecom to LG Uplus last year. Last month, I got a call from an LG Uplus representative and surprise surprise because she spoke English! She introduced the LG Uplus Smart 002 Plan and how it would benefit me. Afterwards, she sent me SMS messages outlining the plan.

LG Uplus Smart 002 Plan

Smart 002 Plan is an international call service.
– Rates to the Philippines is 198 won per minute (or 33 won for every 10 seconds)
– No membership fees, no monthly fee, no additional charge
– Available until the cellphone number is change or phone contract is terminated
It’s so easy to use: 002 + country code + phone number
For example, if the number in the Philippines 0910-2222-1111 then just dial…
002 + 63 + 910 2222 1111
If you also have an LG Uplus subscription and you want to register for this service, just call 1544-0002
The service is available for others countries as well at different rates.

LG Uplus Smart 002
LG Uplus Smart 002

This service is very convenient if you need to call home for a few minutes. There is no more need to buy a phone card.

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