Most Expensive Apartment in Seoul

Seoul Forest is one of my favorite parks in Korea and I was really disappointed to learn that a tall building was being built there a few years ago. It is now known as “Galleria Foret” and it is one of the most (if not THE most) expensive apartments in Seoul. I thought that the apartment is an eyesore ~

Galleria Foret ~ the most expensive apartment in Seoul
Galleria Foret ~ the most expensive apartment in Seoul

Galleria Foret has two buildings with 45 floors each located in Seongsu-dong at the northeastern side of Seoul Forest. The price of apartment units start at USD 3.5 million to USD 5.1 million, while lease starts at USD 1.8 million. The twin towers have a total of 229 units from 233 sq. m. to 377 sq. m.
Two famous celebrities live here. Can you guess who they are? Kim Soo Hyun of “My Love from Another Star” and G-Dragon of Korean idol group “Big Bang”. Today, news came out that his Chinese fans are pushing to buy the next-door unit priced at USD 4 million. Whoa! If I were a millionaire, I would be interested in buying a unit at that apartment too. It’s not because of Kim Soo Hyun (yeah I’m a fan!) but because the location is really good, but I think I’ll just have a house somewhere in Gapyeong 😀
Check out these photos of the floor plans of each unit. There are three units that don’t have floor plans available ~ 371, 374 and 377 square meters. Only one of each are available at Galleria Foret.

Wanna see a sample unit of an apartment? This blogger visited her friend’s house at Galleria Foret. I just thought that if I could buy a unit as expensive as that, I would spend money for the interior too 😀
Here’s another interior of a 3.9 million USD unit.


  1. Hi Miss Betchay! I just found out your blog today bcoz of a friend (she posted a link of this blog on her facebook) and I am so glad I found this blog coz this is very cool and awesome & it gives me more info about Korea & helps me to know more about Korea since I am a KPOP fan ^0^ I’ve been interested in Korea since 2009 and since then I’ve been loving Korea and wants to visit there someday~(I already learned the language too. I can write & read Hangul..but I am not fluent yet XD) I also just graduated this year (in college) and hopefully I can get a job (here in ph) and save money to visit there or perhaps… can get a job there? (i know it wud be hard T^T)
    but anyways, this post is really interesting^^ This apartment is mad expensive XD but i guess it’s worth to live there coz of its amazing facilities. No wonder GD’s living there (I am a huge fan XD) & since he’s rich so I figured it out haha.
    I am going to check out your other posts now 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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