Korea Helicopter Crash

Last night’s news about Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 is disheartening. We condole with the families of the 298 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft who might have never thought it would be their final flight.

Photo: Maeil News
Photo: Maeil News

Here in Korea, a helicopter crashed in the southern city of Gwangju. There were five firefighters in the chopper who were coming from the Sewol search operations. The Korea helicopter crash happened at around 11 o’clock in the morning. A car’s blackbox caught the crash as reported by YTN in this video:

A high school student who was waiting at the bus stop nearby was injured. The place where the helicopter crashed is a populated area. There is an apartment complex and a school nearby.
Here is another video from the CCTV, watch the passengers of a moving taxi get off:

And here’s a report from MBC news last night. The mom crying on the video is asking “Why did my son die? Why did my son die?” As in the video, the crash site is just a few meters away from an apartment building. If it had hit the building, there might have been more casualties.

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