Philippines, most dangerous country for Koreans

The last time I was with friends, we talked about how scary the things we’ve been hearing about the Philippines. It seems like horrible murders, rapes, robberies and kidnappings happen everyday. What’s scarier is that the fact that law enforcers are the perpetrators of some of these crimes. Remember that kidnapping that happened in broad daylight in EDSA? That photo became viral and later on it was found that the kidnappers are policemen ~ who are supposed to protect the people are the ones committing the crime!
The Filipinos are indeed fearful of their safety ~ even when they are far away from home. Not only do I think about the safety of my family back home ~ but of the general population.
Here in Korea, politicians have noted the increasing crimes against Koreans. They concluded based on reports that the Philippines is the most dangerous country for Koreans. The data shows that out of the other countries in the world, it was in the Philippines that Koreans experienced the most crimes. It is estimated that there are now 100,000 Koreans in the Philippines and they are currently the number one tourists.

Crimes against Koreans: 1. Philippines / 2. China / 3. France / 4. Spain / 5. Italy / 6. Vietnam / 7. Central & South Americas / 8. Australia / 9. Japan / 10. USA
Crimes against Koreans: 1. Philippines / 2. China / 3. France / 4. Spain / 5. Italy / 6. Vietnam / 7. Central & South Americas / 8. Australia / 9. Japan / 10. USA

Many will say that Koreans themselves are the perpetrators of most crimes against Koreans in the Philippines. However, it shouldn’t be an excuse to the fact that crimes seem to be increasing. It is a reflection of how unafraid criminal elements are of our law enforcers.

It was the first time since 2011 that the number of crimes against Koreans was higher in the Philippines than in China, the lawmaker said in a press release. China has been one of the most visited countries by Koreans for years.
The data compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that the number of crimes against Koreans in the Philippines stood at 128 in 2009, 94 in 2010, 774 in 2011, and 628 in 2012.
The figures in China were 1,024 in 2009, 944 in 2010, 731 in 2011 and 759 in 2012.
Crimes in the Philippines last year included 13 murders, 12 robberies, 678 thefts, two rapes, nine abductions, 12 physical assaults and 10 frauds.
Read the full article from Korea Times.

I haven’t been home to the Philippines since 2008. My husband has been constantly suggesting that we go there as he’d like to visit Palawan and other places he has not been to. It’s quite surprising that he is not fearful considering that he experienced being robbed (twice!) while he was living in Quezon City. And both times were armed robberies. He was even amused when he saw the policeman doing his report was using a typewriter. Oh well…


  1. Yeah crimes happened in the philippines and no excuse about that .in very part of the world sucky things like these happen too you know. but what I really detest are Filipinos like you acting superior just because you are currently living in a supposedly first world country which is deemed almost perfect in your brainwashed eyes. Oh yeah Palawan is beautiful especially el nido and amanpaulo. Too bad you wouldn’t want to go there because you don’t want to trust many of your fellowmen who are good people at heart.

    1. Hi Mar! Thank you for your comment but I would say your judgment is wrong, even based on what I posted 😀

  2. And oh yeah! Your precious Koreans have a reputation in the Philippines of being rude,violent,crude,hitting people without being provoked violently,leaving unwanted babies.all those hallyu characters are simply illusions if you ask me!lol!

    1. I know that too well, that’s why I have posted in this blog several times about Kopino children and Hope for Kopino children. A lot of Korean scandals even about Korean women in the Philippines, Korean kidnap groups, illegal Koreans in the Philippines, and there are others.
      The Korean population in Angeles City has already boomed before I even left the country. I see both the negative and positive sides of Koreans since I live here. (Not just the negative anymore ~ unlike before)
      I also know that the crimes in the Philippines is getting out-of-hand since even the policemen are involved. And for me that’s scary and there’s no excuse for that ESPECIALLY because that’s my home country. So even if I posted about the “Philippines as the most dangerous country for Koreans” because there are more crimes that happened to Koreans there based on the data collected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can’t deny the fact that the crime perpetrated against the general populace is increasing. And for the Filipinos (not just me who lives in Korea) it’s scary to hear about those things almost every day. And more than Korea, I prefer to see what’s wrong with the Philippines more because I want it to be better. Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything about it since I’m only a homemaker ~ I’m not an Aquino (and thank heavens for that!)
      Oh and when did I say anywhere in the post that I will not go back to the Philippines or Palawan? I don’t remember… What I wrote is even an affirmation that even if the government thinks the Philippines is the most dangerous country for Koreans, the citizens still want to go there. Oh I just didn’t post that the reason we couldn’t go there is because of scheduling since my husband couldn’t get a week-long vacation from work 😀

  3. Betchay: You may remember me and the few times that I posted to your website. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to agree with Mar on this. I have been living with my family in your hometown, Angeles, for the past year now since retiring from my 20 years in Korea. I have been able to see first-hand now the “Korean effect” here. Seems like every other day, there is Korean-on-Korean violence here. In my opinion, it is because for the most part, the Koreans that come here to Angeles are NOT what we would call the best representatives of Korea, and are, in some cases, coming here to “escape” from problems in Korea. Plenty of Korean mafia here and plenty of Koreans running on-line gambling dens from homes here (notably Timog area of Friendship Village). Of course, there are the Korean style “love hotels” and Korean-owned bars which make for trouble. Korean people here tend to travel in tight-nit groups, never assimilate into society, and are definitely viewed as ‘stand-offish”. Truly, they seem to be the “ugly Americans” of Asia, and seem to flaunt their “rich” status here. I can tell you people don’t appreciate that. There are of course, bad Koreans, bad cops, and poor destitute people of all nationalities who will take any advantage they can to perpetrate crime in these surroundings. But, by and large, the Korean suicides here (yes, there are many) and crimes of robbery are Korean-on-Korean. The other problem is lack of parenting for their kids. My son attends a private high school here…and you should see the number of Korean teenagers attending the school, and it is billed as an American school, lol. The kids are basically “dumped” into dormitories here and the school acts as parent and teacher. Sad if you ask me. Now, having lived in Korea for many years, I can tell you (you probably know this already) that corruption is still the most prevalent problem in Korea….it isn’t as obvious in Korea as in the PI, but that is only because Korea’s wealth has relegated the corruption to the back-rooms and soju parlors. Korean cops still take bribes, I know for a fact…but they are more discreet about it. There is plenty wrong in the PI which needs to be solved, but I can tell you that Koreans are not singled out any more than any other foreigner in ANY country, to include Korea. How about those Korean slave owners and how they treat the OFWs, Betchay? Anyway, Angeles would be a lot better off if the wrong type of Koreans were not allowed to live here. Koreans coming to the PI could really use lessons in diplomacy and how to act in a foreign country, much like young American soldiers in Korea! That’s my 2 won!

    1. Hi Asawa! Of course I remember you. Thank you for your comment. The last time I was in the Philippines, I noticed all those Korean establishments around the Friendship area. Yikes the Korean ajosshis who take advantage of the young girls. What shall we do about it when we couldn’t even trust the local policemen and the local politicians to protect us?
      I grew up in Angeles City and our store was right in the middle of Fields Avenue (from 1978), so I was a witness many times to the violence and prostitution that happened there (when Koreans didn’t have a place in the city yet).
      Oh instead of the OFWs… I will be posting about the Filipina entertainers soon. I’m just waiting for someone to give me all the info since it’s a very sensitive matter.

  4. My brother was shot to death in the Philippines in 2012, after an armed robbery went wrong. This was what the explanation was given to me by the Cebu City police. I feel Philippines is a very dangerous place. Britain also named Philippines as the country with the most British victims of crimes, as noted by this Dailymail news. So I know this does not just apply to Korea.

  5. Hi! that is the reason i wont let my husband go anywhere without me, but here in Baguio it’s okay i feel safe here. Actually in cebu there are lots of koreans who are still missing, minsan koreans versus koreans din naman ang nagpapatayan saka ung ibang koreans kasi kung umasta eh kakaiba feeling nila lagi silang nasa taas. True philippines is not safe for foreigners.

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