Two newborn babies suffered burns

Such a sad story but just to let the parents know, two newborn babies suffered burns at a maternity hospital in Andong (Gyeongsangbuk-do). The two babies were in the same incubator. An electrical mat is placed beneath them for warmth. The electrical mat apparently malfunctioned and that it was an accident. One of the babies suffered 4th degree burns and had to be transferred to a major hospital in Seoul for treatment. The hospital may call it an “accident” but it is undeniably “negligence” that may have caused it.

Electrical mat accidents can occur especially during the winter season when they are frequently used. That’s why the government often remind people to check their units for irregularity. Defective electrical mats can cause fire and injure people.
Hopefully, the two infants will be alright but it is expected that they will need special treatment for their full recovery.

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