Pinay sisters MICA on Superstar K6

It is not surprising that four Filipino sisters could sing and dance so well. It’s a known fact that there are many Filipinos who could sing. A Filipina who could belt out the song “Listen” is soooo normal that I now believe I’m a rare breed ~ a Filipina who couldn’t sing a tune.
In Superstar K (season 6) last month, we were introduced to the Pinay sisters “MICA” ~ Mylene (27), Irene (25), Celina (23) and Almira (20) ~ not sure about the spelling of their names in English. The girls said that they love Kpop and they learned how to sing Korean songs through the videos on Youtube.

The sisters wait for the judging
The sisters wait for the judging

Here they are on their first appearance on Superstar K6:

I’m amazed by the vocal powers of the four ladies. They are also pretty and how their hair look so sleek and shiny! I hope for their continued success and it wouldn’t hurt if they ever have a performing career in Korea. They sound so much better than almost all the Kpop singers combined ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹. They dance well and I bet their booties are real 😉
And their cover of “Let It Go”

Their performance last Saturday was okay but as Baek Ji Young said, they had a problem with their pronunciation (so understandable since they are foreigners).

Baek Ji Young watches as MICA performs
Baek Ji Young watches as MICA performs

Baek Ji Young is one of my favorite Korean singers 😀 She also said that they sound better live than the actual broadcast and there might be a problem with the machines.

So will they advance to the top 10? Let’s wait and see 😀


  1. I definitely agree with you that they sound so much better than almost all of the Kpop . Kpop sounds and looks alike, not a single outstanding note that will make you awe? The pronunciation is understandable, but the right tune is there + unadulterated faces as well…..kudos!

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