Pinay sisters MICA eliminated from Superstar K6?

On the September 19th broadcast of Superstar K6, MICA sang the Mariah Carey version of the Jackson 5 classic “I’ll Be There” with Korean hopeful Kim Hyun Mi. Together they were the O-Divas. Here’s their rendition of the musical classic.

MICA is eliminated from Superstar K6 as a result of this performance. Korean netizens thought it was unthinkable for them to be eliminated as they performed well. Followers of the show blame Kim Hyun Mi on MICA’s elimination.
“슈퍼스타k6 미카가 탈락???우리나라 왠만한 가수보다 더잘하던데?”
Superstar K6 MICA is eliminated? They sound better than our singers.”
“슈퍼스타k6 미카, ì—„ì²­ 잘하는데 왜 탈락시킴?”
Superstar K6 MICA is really good, why be eliminated?
Hmm… are they really out of the show? Let’s wait and keep our fingers crossed!
In the mean time, let’s watch this performance most netizens are talking about…

And still people ask, is MICA eliminated from Superstar K6? Someone said… “secret!”


  1. Oh my now now that I’ve seen the video, the more I’m convinced that they should not be eliminated……..the diction alone and the crystal clear voice of MICA is not arguable……only Pinoys can give justice to “birit” with a style. Of course I saw the performance of The One, and for me, he’s the only one from KR who can render what music is all about.

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