MICA stays on Superstar K6

A week ago, it was like war on the Facebook page on Superstar K6. Fans were angry and shocked at MICA’s “elimination” from Superstar K6. Many couldn’t accept that the Pinay sisters would go back home early. Some blamed Kim Hyun Mi whom the girls sang “I’ll Be There” with. Still, there were a few who thought that their “elimination” is just a drama and that they would be chosen as the “wildcard”.

Really, really happy!
Really, really happy!

And now we know…

MICA sang the song HEAVEN with Double T.O.V. and the verdict? The judges chose the Gollayan sister and so MICA stays on Superstar K6.
I hope MICA goes a long way on Superstar K6. They are in for a tight competition ~
Good luck and we hope to see them perform live someday 😀


  1. Nkakalungkot lang na ang mga kagaya ng mica ay sa ibang bansa pa narerecognise ang galing, im sure pag nanalo yng mica jan mg uunhan nman ang mga tv station sa atin sa pgawa ng docunentary ukol sa knila tpos wala na.

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