Gilas Pilipinas vs China in Asian Games

By now, we already know that Gilas Pilipinas or the Philippine basketball team is now out of contention for a medal at the 17th Asian Games. They lost their chance to win when they only had a 2-point win over Kazahkstan on their game this afternoon, September 28th. The Filipinos in Korea didn’t give up any hope that the Filipino basketball players could have an 11-point win so they could still enter the semi-finals. The final score of that game is 67 ~ 65.

This photo posted by Sports World had the caption "Manila in Hwaseong"
This photo posted by Sports World had the caption “Manila in Hwaseong”

Although Gilas Pilipinas is out of the semis, the team still has two more game and one is against China. The game will start at 4:15 p.m. on September 29th at Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium (it’s 3:15 pm Manila time). It is the same venue where they played against India, Iran, Qatar and Kazahkstan. Their game against South Korea was played at the Samsan World Gymnasium in Bucheon and was attended by a majorly Filipino audience.
After their game today, the players spent some time with the fans, according to Patricia Hizon:

Even if Gilas Pilipinas failed to reach the semis, the Filipinos in Korea (like I’ve been saying) are happy to have cheered for them. I was in two of their games and it was so much fun. And I know what I’m saying since I’ve been a basketball fan since I was in grade school. When I was in the Philippines, I used to go to as many live games as I could ~ and chasing the players as they go to the dugout after the game ~ those were the days!
I hope the team is also happy with the support the Filipinos in Korea had given them. Don’t forget to watch Gilas Pilipinas vs China 😀

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