Korea's Fall Foliage 2014

Today is the first day of October and it’s a lot cooler now in the morning and at night. Within this month, we should expect the leaves to change to different shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. Fall happens every year and the colors of the leaves change with the season yet we don’t get tired of it.
Like the previous years, we hope to travel somewhere. I hope to post some places to catch the colors of fall. When is the best time to chase autumn leaves? Here’s the prediction from the KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration).

Fall season in Korea
Fall season in Korea

The same information is not available on the English site of KMA. The map above is only on their Korean site. Below is a table of the expected first splash of fall color and the peak dates. I typed in the Romanized names of the mountains.
Start and peak season for fall foliage in Korea 2014
Start and peak season for fall foliage in Korea 2014

Are you ready for Korea’s fall foliage 2014?


  1. Nagstart na po bang magchange ang color ng leaves sa seoul? we’ll be ther on Oct 10-15, may makikita po ba kaming autumn leaves? kahit yellow man lang? šŸ™‚

  2. I’ll visit Seoul on 22 -27 Oct. Is it still a good time to see changing color leaves? I’m so afraid that they will fall out before I go.

    1. Perfect time… the leaves are just starting to change colors in Seoul. In fact, a lot are still green and even the maple trees are just starting to change.

  3. Would November 14-17, 2014 too late for the autumn foliage as per your experience? Thanks!
    By the way, I find your blog entry re: visa informative. šŸ™‚

    1. First week is fine, not sure about the second week… but where I live, the trees have not changed colors yet! Like they are still green ~

  4. Hi. I plan to visit seoul mid october (oct 17-20). Are those dates good choice to see the fall foliage? i want to see maple, and gingko trees to change colors. Thank you po.

      1. Anytime after the 2nd week of October is okay. The autumn foliage come earlier in Gangwondo and a little later in Seoul.

          1. You could try Nami kasi mas nauuna mag-fall foliage dun at saka palaces sa Seoul

    1. Hi Kristine! You might ~ at the southern areas of Korea. By that time in Seoul, leaves would have fallen already.

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