Lee Boo Jin files for divorce

Lee Boo Jin who? She is well-known in Korea as she is the daughter of the chairman of Samsung, Lee Gun Hee, and the sister of Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong. She is the CEO of Hotel Shilla.
Lee Boo Jin made headlines early this year when she took pity on a taxi cab driver who had an accident at Hotel Shilla. She is making headlines again for filing divorce papers against her husband Im Woo Jae. They have an eight-year old son and she is also filing for full child custody.

Samsung chairman's daughter files for divorce
Samsung chairman’s daughter files for divorce

Lee Boo Jin and Im Woo Jae met in 1995 at a volunteer activity organized by Samsung. Lee Boo Jin graduated from Yonsei University majoring in Child Welfare and was working at Samsung Welfare Foundation. She spent her weekends volunteering at a child welfare center in Sangil-dong in Seoul. That time, Im Woo Jae was an ordinary employee at a Samsung affiliate company, Yes One. They met, dated and got married four years later. Both sides of the family opposed the marriage.
Im Woo Jae is currently the Vice President of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
Lee Boo Jin’s elder brother Lee Jae Yong is also a divorcee since 2009. Their Lee Seo Hyun is the CEO of Samsung Fashion (she is married to Kim Jae Yeol, the President of Korea Skating Union and the son of Dong-A Ilbo’s former president), while their youngest sibling Lee Yoon Hyung committed suicide in 2005.
Family of Lee Gun Hee
Family of Lee Gun Hee

Above is Lee Gun Hee’s family. His wife is Hong Ra Hee. First son Lee Jae Yong, daughters Lee Boo Jin, Lee Seo Hyun and Lee Yoon Hyung (RIP).

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