Pinay Sisters MICA Superstar K6 ~ Oct 10

The first live telecast of Superstar K season 6 happened on October 10th. Pinoys in Korea joined to vote for the Gollayan sisters aka MICA through text messaging. I voted at 11:10 p.m. and my vote went through easily. I got the confirmation just a few seconds later. Some had to wait before they could receive confirmation. The easiest way to vote is to type 미카 and send to #0199. SMS voting is only during the live broadcast.


MICA sang “Maria”, the theme song from the Korean movie “200 Pound Beauty”, for the week’s theme “Legend Hit Mission”. The score after their performance:
Kim Bum Soo gave the girls 91 points for their “good harmony and stage presence, although a little pitchy in some parts”.
Yoon Jong Shin gave the highest score at 96 for their “impressive performance”.
Lee Sung Chul gave them a score of 96 and 93 points from Baek Ji Young.
Filipino reaction to their performance: “they have high notes and flat notes”, “sumisigaw”, “ang galing-galing”, “medyo pitchy”
(Will post some Korean reaction after I come back from our Saturday trip ~ air show!)
I didn’t see the show last night so I only had the chance to view their part today.
The video is not available on Mnet’s Youtube channel yet (as of this posting)… but here’s one from a Korean portal site:

We’re all crossing our fingers to see MICA next week 😀 And I hope they reach (at least) the October 31st episode because it will be held at the Peace Auditorium of Kyunghee University ~ and that’s just walking distance from where I live 😀


  1. Hi Betchay thanks for posting Mica, Did they sing only one song? I was not that too impressed with their MARIA version, but I do hope they will make it .

  2. Thanks for these updates. We’re following MICA’s Superstar K6 adventure, but we hardly understand Korean. 🙂
    Almira was indeed very pitchy at some parts. They need to do better if they want to progress. Please keep rallying our kababayans in SoKor to vote!

    1. I thought the judges gave too high scores, but I think they really wanted the group in 😀
      They did really well during the audition.

      1. 01:51 ang ngiti ni YJS.. Di halatang gusto nya ang grupo. Sana kunin niya nalang sila. I saw in 1 article, an acquaintance of YJS told the media that “he means to help those who are stuck being trainees when they have more than enough musical talent. He wants to give them a chance to focus on music.” Meron din syang talent from Superstar K so it’s possible for MICA to be part of Mystic89.. It doesn’t matter kung anong agency, makapag establish lang sila nang pangalan sa Korea, oks na! 😉

      2. Scores were fair comparing with all other contestants. Every contestant were somewhat
        Nervous and poor. go MICA.

  3. Good start, gusto ko ang harmonization pero ang problema yung isang member na matataas ang parte. yes pitchy at hindi na halos bagay sa parts ng iba. i, personally, am not keen on birit type of songs. nasasaktan earphones ko haha

  4. As a Korean, I really like MICA’s performance. Although their Korean sounds a little akward, their powerful and energitic performance is what I can’t find in other Korean contestants. I’ve just watched MICA’s stage ‘in-yeon’ which is a really oriental-mood song and they got quite good score despite diffrences among the judges. And I think they deserve it.

    1. I love 이선희 and 인연 is one of my favorite songs by her. I don’t think many artists can sing that song really well 😀

  5. Honestly, I thought only one of the sister sang well (the rest were decent)..Overall, I wasn’t a big fan of their performances (it was just too noisy to listen to them, actually it was kind of pain to listen to them). Even if they were to make it further, they would probably have a really hard time to debut or never debut at all in Korea. It’s kind of hard for foreigners to debut. Also even if foreigners were to debut, it’s probably due to fitting into Korea’s beauty standards and being exceptionally talented-which they don’t quite fit in. I’m saying this as a Korean with a Korean perspective of Korea’s music industry. I’m not saying that whether they were good or not at singing represented Korea’s persepctive on them (because opinions are all different, some people liked them or some people disliked them), but the fact that they will have it hard if they are even trying to debut.

    1. HI! Your opinion is most welcome. I think the sisters would also like to read different opinions as they really want to improve on their craft.

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