MICA makes it to Top 8

Last October 17th, MICA sang one of the songs of one of my favorite singers Lee Sun Hee. The song is called 인연 or Fate, which is the theme song of the Lee Joon Gi movie “The King and the Clown”.

A lot might hate me for saying this, but the group’s rendition fell flat ~ Almira’s high notes in particular made me grind my teeth. I know she’s a very good singer and she can belt songs but it might not have been appropriate for this song. And the judges showed their “dissatisfaction”. Baek Ji Young gave them their lowest score ~ for not delivering the right emotion to the song.
Lee Seung Chul gave the group a score of 83. Kim Bum Soo gave the highest at 94 while Yoon Jong Shin gave them 90 points.
I hope they choose a better song without too much belting next time ~ why not try a Baek Ji Young song or sing a cappella? Although belting is what the Filipino audience go for, sometimes it’s just irritating. Case in point ~ Lee Sun Hee and Baek Ji Young don’t belt but you could always feel the emotions from the songs they sing and they are refreshing to listen to.

Oh yeah, I love “Hidden Singer” ~ I watch it with my husband and I almost always get every round 😀
The judges gave the group a low 82 and a high 94 ~ the wide gap reminds me of the temperature nowadays. Luckily, they didn’t fall off the chart ~ Brian Park did!
MICA - Superstar K6 Top 8
I still voted for MICA and will continue to do so ~ online and through SMS. And of course ~ I continue campaigning for the Filipinos in Korea to vote for them! But to the Filipinos who can vote, just make it simple. Type 미카 and send to #0199. Typing 4MICA is not correct ~ vote will not be counted even if you receive a confirmation. Keep it simple 😀

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  1. I thought MICA’s performance of 인연 was at least better than their rendition of Maria. 😀
    Hope this Friday, they’d try to focus more on their beautiful harmony more than anything else… Of course they still have my vote no matter what.

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