The Odds Against MICA

MICA, the only Filipino group and the last female artists in the Top 8 of Superstar K6 dropped from the reality show last Friday. It was on the same day that their elder sister Elvira came to Korea to support them. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last time we’ll see MICA in Korea. Crossing our fingers 😀
On Thursday last week, DJ Gennie Kim of the Multicultural Family Broadcasting was able to interview “Mommy MICA”. She was accompanied by Ms. Eva Wang (former president of PIKO ~ Pinoy Iskolars in Korea). Mommy MICA has been supporting her children from the start by giving moral support and campaigning for people to vote them. The interview will be broadcast on Friday, October 31 at 9am/3pm/9pm/3am (Korea time) and can be heard through Woongjin Foundation Radio.
On Tuesday, October 28th, Almira celebrated her birthday with their colleagues at Superstar K6.
And now back to “odds against MICA”… When I watched their performance last Friday, I thought that they were okay but they got dropped that same night. A few people who were watching that show expected the result for the following reasons:

MICA elimination
MICA elimination

~ MICA performed first and thus they were given low scores. Theirs became the basis for the others’ performances.
~ The song “ë‚œ 알아요” is Seo Tae Ji’s iconic song. Koreans would expect more for this song.
~ The contestants were given only a short notice that they will be performing a Seo Tae Ji song. They chose 난알아요 because it has English lyrics since they didn’t have a lot of time to practice.
~ They made a few mistakes at the beginning of their performance.
~ They were against a younger competitor at the end.
So there! We know this is the end of the road for MICA. They will still be at the live show on October 31st (which I hope to see but it seems not possible now since we will be attending a Halloween event) and more 😀

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