Duterte visited Korea (without much fanfare)

I only learned that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was in Korea from a Facebook post on Duterte for President Movement last Friday, after coming back from a visit to the National Assembly.
It seems that Mayor Duterte visited Korea to meet specifically with Korean investors and to study the possibility of having an LRT in the city of Davao. He came to Korea on October 27 and it was said that he spent his personal money. (And he is one of the few Philippine government officials that you wouldn’t doubt 😀 )
Source: ConsTimes
I haven’t read anywhere whether Mayor Duterte met with other officials of both the South Korean and Philippine government. However, it is refreshing to note that he was here without much fanfare. Usually, when Philippine officials come here for a visit they meet with the Filipino community in South Korea and the only thing they do is share a meal and have that photo-op. No consultation whatsoever.
Last month, the mayors of Cebu province were also in South Korea. They explained to have spent their own money for the trip since a controversy on the use of public funds for their trip came out.

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  1. …Glad he personally see the potential investors.
    anyway..just noticed but this is not to laughed at our mayor.
    malamig na sa korea but si mayor naka leather..he dress the way I watched in korean dramas, the Villains.
    Astig ka mayor.

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