Food Tour Guide Program for Foreign Wives

Start Your Career as a Food Tour Guide

We all know what it was like when we first came to Korea and everything was strange and new -especially the Korean traditional markets. But now as locals, we know how wonderful these places are. This program sponsored by Seoul City, the Seoul Business Association, Seoul Creative Lab, and the Korea Culinary Tourism Association is offering an education program to train foreign residents in giving tours at the traditional market to tourists. The training period will be a series of workshops, tours, and classes. If students complete the program, they will be able to get a certificate and be qualified to work at the traditional market as a food tour guide to explain the story of Korea through the cuisine. This program is being sponsored so the cost of the program is 20,000 won. Lunch, books, and tours are all included in the program.

Traditional market tour guide education program
Traditional market tour guide education program

Qualified Applicants

-Foreigner Resident legally able to work in Korea (F2, F4, F5, F6, H1 Visa Holders)
-Have some Korean language skills
-Be available to attend 5 classes during the week between 11/25-12/23 (Class schedule TBA)


  1. What is the Korean Traditional Market Tour Guide Job?
    A: The guide will be able to give a tour to tourists that visit the Korean market by explaining about the history of the market, the foods, the products, and the people in a fun and interactive way.
  2. Ideal Candidate
    -You should enjoy meeting foreign tourists and enjoy telling them about Korea
    -A person that can understand and explain about the traditional market
    -A person that can speak English, Chinese or Japanese
    -Must be an international resident (F2, F5, F6, H1 Visa Holders)(non-Korean citizenship)
  3. Number of Potential Applicants: 25
  4. Schedule
    TBA but must be available to attend 5 classes (10am-5pm) between November 25th- December 25th, 2014
  5. School Location
    Seoul Creative Lab (SCL) Bulgwang Station (Line 3) Exit 2
  6. Tuition Fee: ₩20,000 won
  7. Application Deadline: November 23, 2014
    8. To apply, send an e-mail ( to receive an application or download here
  8. Contact: – Korea Culinary Tourism Association (070-4201-1607) Jihyun Lee

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