College scholarship for migrant women in Daegu

This is a scholarship for migrant women. You can have a bachelor’s degree in four years as a scholar.
The program is being offered by Daegu Haany University, Multicultural Department

Daegu Haany University
Daegu Haany University

Application period: December 1 ~ 31, 2014
Who can apply: Migrant women (married to Koreans) and children who are at least high school graduates
Cost: FREE but a high grade must be maintained and absence is not allowed
Class schedule: Mostly night and Saturday classes (held at the university), cyber class
1. Absence is not allowed for four years
2. If enrollment is less than 15, then class is cancelled.
3. Ability to speak Korean
Transfer is not possible since the department is new.
Interested parties may contact 053-961-2203
Daegu Haany University is recruiting students for the school year 2015 in their Multicultural Department. Only marriage migrant women and their children are eligible for the scholarship. After admission, the student may not transfer or freely choose another major. Absence is limited for a period of four years as the classes will mostly be held at night and on Saturdays.
For more information, please call 053-961-2203. This is a good chance to pursue a bachelor’s degree and be a pioneer on Multicultural studies.

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