Putting Jasmine Lee Down

Jasmine Lee remains to be a hot item that Korean media grabs every chance it can get to put her down. Just last November, a nasty post went viral on Korean websites accusing Jasmine Lee of writing a bill that favors illegal aliens in South Korea. JTBC revealed the truth ~ that what was written on that post was a lie. The embarrassing part was that a lot of Filipino residents in South Korea joined the bandwagon in hurling invective and putting the first Philippine-born lawmaker in Korea down ~ without them even knowing the real score.

Jasmine Lee and son
Jasmine Lee and son

Today, March 4th, Jasmine Lee is a hot item once again. She peaked number 2 on Daum’s hot issue chart. This time, they tried to drag her firstborn’s name in the story. Lee Seung-gun is falsely accused of stealing cigarettes from the convenience store he worked for. The story started as a blind item with only one media outlet that named her. Her detractors had a field day with this story with not a few bloggers digging up old, buried issues (necromancy?).
Jasmine Lee’s office has not released a statement about this FALSE allegation. Her camp does not need to. It is that company’s responsibility (the convenience store) to clear things up. MBN (the cable channel) should also be responsible to admit their mistake and apologize ~ especially to the boy.
The sad part is that the Korean media has already feasted on this false rumor. They have hurt Lee Seung-geun and the narrow-minded people believed that news story. Seung-geun may have a parliamentarian for a mom, but his feet are well-grounded. What else can you say about someone who works part-time at a convenience store? With his good looks, one would think he should be pursuing show business! 😀
7-Eleven has already issued a statement explaining the mistake on their part. Picnic is over for today for Jasmine’s detractors.
As of today: Korean media:0 , Jasmine Lee: 2
If you want to hurt a woman, go after her children. That’s exactly what those who want to hurt her did. But as they say, you can never put a good person down. That’s probably what she really is ~ a good person.


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