Video: Ajumma assaulted a grandmother

A video gone viral in Korea shows an ajumma assaulting a grandmother who didn’t do anything to the former. This incident happened on a city bus in Cheongju City in the province of Chungcheongbuk-do on April 28th at around 12:40pm. The video was uploaded on Facebook.

Screen grab from a news report ~
Screen grab from a news report ~

In the video, the ajumma was seen shouting to someone outside the bus about a wallet. Then the grandmother sat beside her and and she told the latter to “leave her alone” and “go away” in a very disrespectful manner ~ which is a no-no in Korea. The ajumma slapped her victim on the head and told her to “go away” again.
The grandmother moved to another seat but the ajumma chased and hit her again. A girl with a lollipop tried to pacify the ajumma by holding her hands. The netizens were impressed by her courage and has called her “사탕녀” or the girl with the candy.
The driver stopped the bus and told the ajumma to get off ~

아침부터 열받네!버스에서 할머니 때리는 미친 아줌마할머니 불쌍해 ㅠ아이폰 – 휴대용 보조베터리 <<- 아이폰 배터리 부족하다면
Posted by Juna Kim on Thursday, April 30, 2015

The grandmother was dizzy after being assaulted by the ajumma, who is obviously not mentally stable.

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