Home Country Visit for Marriage Immigrants

The province of Gyeonggido is offering free trips to home countries of marriage immigrants ~ that makes me want to move to Gyeonggi-do!
If you don’t live in Gyeonggi-do, then wait for a later post ~ there is another one 😀

Multicultural Family Visit to Home Country
Multicultural Family Visit to Home Country

Only ten days more left to apply for this program!
home-country visit 2
If you get picked, you don’t need to think about…
home-country visit 3
Only marriage immigrants from these six countries are eligible to apply ~
home-country visit 4
And check that you pass the following ~
home-country visit 5
So you could go home for free with your family from:
home-country visit 6
Ready to apply? Prepare these documents:
home-country visit 7
home-country visit 8
This program is sponsored by Jeju Air and Korea Gas Corporation.
Like I said previously, there is another program that is open only to Filipino and Vietnamese marriage immigrants. I will be posting that later ~
In the meantime, tell your friends in Gyeonggido about this wonderful chance ~

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