Why Koreans think Liza is the prettiest

There is a viral video making the rounds of the internet wherein a few Koreans “judge” the beauty of Filipino stars/starlets. In the video, the Koreans are shown photos of the following: Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Marian Rivera and Liza Soberano. Before I go on, let me just say that I have a personal bias on Liza Soberano ~ as I’ve been a follower of the drama “Forevermore” from the start. But when I first saw her in the drama, I thought that she was too young, her acting was too lame and her accent was off. She grew on me though and she has improved so much with her acting. She is probably the only actress who is still beautiful on her crying scenes ~

Liza Soberano is the prettiest of them all ~
Liza Soberano is the prettiest of them all ~ photo from Inquirer.net

So what did the Koreans say about the stars. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it ~

ON Julia Barretto. She is only 18 (19 in Korean age) but on her photo, her makeup is “too much”. I thought the same way. Julia is very pretty and I bet on her when she was first introduced as a Star Magic talent (along with Liza and Sofia Andres). If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve lamented many times how Koreans put on too much makeup. That was then ~ as the trend now is more on natural “honeyed” look and making a facial feature stand out ~ think Jeon Ji Hyun’s makeup on “My Love from Another Star”. Although she had a full makeup look, her lips were emphasized most of the time.
ON Daniel Padilla. The Koreans in the video mostly commented on his “double eyelids”. If you haven’t heard of it ~ double eyelids is “beautiful” in Korea. And if you’re a Filipino, you’d probably get compliments mostly because of them. Daniel looks Korean on his photo ~ except that he has double eyelids. AS he is only 175 cm tall, they commented on how short Daniel is. However, they also think that Daniel is handsome ~ and he is ~ even in Korean standards. He could pass for a Kpop idol ~
On Kathryn Bernardo. They first mentioned their height ~ 157 cm. In Korean standards, she is short. Remember that here they like their actress short and thin ~ about 170 cm and 40 kilos! Like Julia, she looks so made up in the photo. Kathryn is only 18 and yet she looks like a 25-year old in the photo.
On Marian Rivera. She is a beauty ~ but her being a half-blood shows as she has very pale skin and a high-bridged nose. She does look similar to Julia Barretto in her photo. I was amazed that some of them thought she looks younger than Julia and Kathryn. I have always thought that Marian looks older than her age.
On Liza Soberano. According to them, she fits their standard of Korean beauty. She has the V-shape jaw that Koreans like as well as the pouty lips, straight nose and almond-shaped eyes. While to them she looks like Nana ~ I’ve always thought that Liza looks like Olivia Hussey. But then I’ve been watching her in “Forevermore”. Her makeup in the photo is also very “Korean” ~ pale pink lips with lined eyes. Okay, I’m not an expert on Korean makeup but I do read women’s magazines ~
So who’s the prettiest of the four? They all think it’s Liza Soberano.
Among the four actresses, Marian Rivera and Liza Soberano are half-bloods. Marian’s dad is Spanish while Liza’s mom is American.
But don’t be depressed (and start bashing) if they don’t think your idol is the prettiest, though. They commented based on first impression and probably based on one photo only. I’ve seen better photos of Julia Barretto ~ 😀
Also remember that Filipinos and Koreans have different standards of beauty. Even in Korea, different generations also have their different standards ~

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