Boy studying near McDonald's impresses Korean netizens

The boy photographed doing his homework near a McDonald’s restaurant has gone viral ~ WORLDWIDE! The story has been picked up by various international news media ~

Daniel Cabrera, photographed by Joyce Torrefranca
Daniel Cabrera, photographed by Joyce Torrefranca

From UK’s Mirror ~ Homeless boy uses light from fast food restaurant
From SKY ~ Boy does homework by the light of McDonald’s
From The Times of India ~ The humble photo that shows education should never be taken for granted
From Breaking News (Ireland) – Little boy doing his homework on the street sums up the importance of education
And from Huffington Post Korea ~ The story of a homeless boy doing homework with McDonald’s lights
The article from Huffington Post Korea is in Korean ~ of course ~ but we already know the story of that little boy. Joyce Torrefranca of Cebu saw the boy studying on the street at night. The boy and his family lost their home to a fire. He was finishing his English homework. Joyce was impressed, took the photo and posted on her Facebook account. The post has gone viral ~ the boy named Daniel Cabrera has been interviewed on TV. He said he wants to be a policeman someday. He is also getting a lot of help ~ including the pledge by Cebu police force to give him school allowance.
The Huffington Post Korea posting has more than 20,000 likes and 600+ comments.

I got inspired by a kid ❤️

Posted by Joyce Gilos Torrefranca on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some of the comments left by Korean netizens:

정말 기특하다~ It’s really praiseworthy
나도 자극 받았다..고맙다 ~ I was motivated… Thanks
야 우리 반성하자 ~ Let’s reflect on this.
내 자신이 부끄럽다 ~ I am ashamed of myself.

There are people who’d also like to help:

이아이를 도와줄수있는길 있나요? ~ Is there a way you can help this child?

The photo of Daniel Cabrera not only impressed a lot of people on his determination to study. It is also inspiring other students to study harder. Hopefully, young ones living in developed countries would realize how lucky they are compared to the kids in developing countries like the Philippines.
One Korean netizen who commented on the post said that “if you were born in our country, you would go to Seoul National University”. Experience tells us that success also depends on our attitude and Daniel Cabrera is showing that he’s got the attitude to make it in life.
Many Korean netizens is wishing Daniel Cabrera well ~
If you wanna read other comments, you could visit the Huffington Post on Facebook. Of course, there are a few unnecessary comments but why dwell on them 😉

"공부를 하려고 가끔 카페에 가는 내게 이 아이는 큰 충격을 주었어요."

Posted by 허핑턴포스트코리아 on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hats off to you Daniel!

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