Training: International Medical Tourism Coordinator

This is open for foreign women who are marriage immigrants in Korea. This is a good opportunity to start a new career. Read the information below, download the application files and submit!

An opportunity for marriage immigrants.
An opportunity for marriage immigrants.

International Medical Tourism Coordinator (국제의료관광코디네이터)

Class size: 24 students
Application Date: July 1 ~ August 31, 2015
Course date: September 7 to November 5, Mondays to Fridays, 9:30~1:30 pm
Course Description:
고객응대 및 상담교육 ~ Customer Interaction and Counseling Education
병원행정 절차 업무 교육 ~ Hospital Administrative Procedure Job Training
의학용어 및 질환의 이해 ~ Medical Terminology and Understanding of the Disease
부위별 증상 및 수출에 관한 표현 ~ Presentation of Symptoms and Surgery
시설 견학 및 현장실습 등 ~ Facility Tours and Field Trips, etc.
Training Center: Seobu Seoul Women’s Center (Yangchon-gu) Rm 101
Training Fee: FREE
~ Personal appearance at Seobu Seoul Women’s Center (양천구 ì‹ ì›”1동 139-1)
~ By fax 02-2607-6181
~ By email
~ 교육신청서 (Training application)
~ 개인정보 수집
~ 가족관계 증명서 (get this from 동사무서)
~ 외국인 등록증 사본 (get this from 동사무서)
(If Korean citizen, submit your 기본증명서)
Download 교육신청서
Download 개인정보 수집
For questions, please call 02-2607-8796 or 02-2607-9928


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