Problems with POEA EPS EReg

Last month, the POEA announced the opening of online registration for Filipinos who want to take the EPS-TOPIK for a chance to work in Korea. The dates were March 1st to 3rd. The women were allowed to register only on the 3rd day.
Unfortunately, POEA probably did not expect the volume of registrations that errors were encountered. Among them:
~ server outages and connection error
~ error in printing the test permit
~ error in uploading the photos
~ photos not matching their owner
Some EPS aspirants had to stay awake on the third day waiting for the server to get fixed. I remember seeing posts on my FB news feed of people complaining that they spent a whole day at internet cafes just to be able to register for the EPS-TOPIK.
POEA did schedule another registration for those who were not able to do it on March 3rd. The date announced is March 31st. This gave hope to Filipinos who spent money, time and effort to learn the Korean language with the hope of working in South Korea’s manufacturing sector.

POEA EPS-TOPIK announcement
POEA EPS-TOPIK announcement

March 31st came and the registration opened at 6 o’clock in the morning. Before it was even lunchtime, many experienced connection error once again. Frustrated applicants stayed in front of the PCs for hours hoping that things would work out.
Here are some of the messages posted on POEA’s Facebook page:
The registration for the EPS-TOPIK has proven to be a headache for those who want to work in South Korea. It is unfortunate that many Filipinos need to go abroad for a living. It is more unfortunate that government inefficiency robs them of time, money and effort. Hopefully, POEA would be able to fix the glitches in its servers next time there is a registration for the EPS-TOPIK.
The EPS-TOPIK will be held this weekend. POEA has posted the names of the test takers on their site.
Good luck to all!


  1. Pano po nkpgregister ako sa eps nung march 31 d nmn ko nkpgprint puroon process hangang sa ngclosed wala na

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