Assault by Korean teens caught on CCTV

On April 2nd in Seoul’s Gangseo-gu (district), a violent attack on a teenage boy was caught on CCTV. It was reported on JTBC news tonight (the news program we’ve been watching since April 2014). The video shows a group of Korean teens arguing with the victim. Then two boys held the victim while another one continuously punched him on his head. The 17-yr old 2nd yr high school student lost his balance and fell on the floor. The suspects left but one came back and hit the victim on the head with an 8-kg tile.

Korean teens
Korean teen assaulted

The incident happened at a construction site ~ which is only about a 3-minute walk from a police station. Street violence were reported last year in Bucheon and Incheon and they were perpetrated by teenagers.
The victim named “Kim” suffered sever wounds on the head and his body. He is undergoing treatment. One of the suspects was identified and caught based on the CCTV evidence. The other boys are yet to be arrested.
Here’s the video of the JTBC report
Incidents like this is quite alarming. Although it did not happen at the vicinity of a school, students are involved in this violent assault. Also, there is a police station nearby and it was in the middle of the city.

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