April 14th is Black Day or Jajangmyeon Day

It’s the 14th of the month again and we “celebrate” another occasion here in Korea.

What is Black Day?

In January, we celebrate “Diary Day”. In February, it is “Red Day” when women give chocolates to men on the 14th. On March 14th, the occasion is “White Day” ~ when it is the men’s turn to give candies to their women. And now ~ the singles celebrate BLACK DAY!
So what is “Black Day” exactly? Is it time for the singles to mourn (black!) their singlehood? Or is it a celebration of being free an unattached? It’s a matter of perception ~ but in my case, it’s time for celebration. It’s one of those days when I could just take my family to a restaurant for dinner on a weekday.

What is jajangmyeon?

Jajangmyeon or “noodles with black bean sauce” is available in Chinese restaurants in Korea. It is not really Chinese in origin. Just like the “General Tso chicken” that does not have its origin in China ~ but in America. Noodles with black bean sauce one of my favorite dishes here in Korea ~ and my son’s too. He prefers jajangmyeon to spaghetti, which is my childhood fave. The noodle dish is made of egg noodles with stir-fried black bean sauce and loaded with veggies. There are variations to this dish ~ like seafood and spicy.

Where to eat jajangmyeon?

Ten years ago, my family used to drive all the way to Incheon’s Chinatown for jajangmyeon. We would try different restaurants every time ~ and nothing has really satisfied the taste buds of my father-in-law. While they’re okay with my husband and I.
Then in 2009, when I was taking some friends to Mapo-gu we found a restaurant that serves them well. It’s called “JINBO” and it is along the “Food Street” of Yeonhui-dong. I took my FIL there and it has been his favorite go-to place for the black bean noodle.

Jajangmyeon at Jinbo
Jajangmyeon at Jinbo

In Myeongdong and at our neighborhood, we go to the chain store called “Hongkong Banjeom“. Their jajangmyeon is only 4,500 won and my husband would usually order “kkeoppegi” or with extra serving of noodles for an additional 1,000 won.
Of course, you could just order from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered to your home. As there is a “Chinese” restaurant in almost every street in Korea. We often just call for delivery ~ convenient when we’re feeling lazy.
Jajangmyeon delivery
Jajangmyeon delivery

And if you’re feeling adventurous (and not lazy), you could try to make your own with this recipe from Korea Herald like I did last year.
Homemade jajangmyeon
Homemade jajangmyeon

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