Murder near Gangnam station

The news story that has been gripping Korea is that of a murder near Gangnam station. On May 17th, at around 1:20 am, the body of a woman was found inside the unisex restroom of a building located near Gangnam station. It is an unprovoked murder ~ the female victim and the male suspect did not know each other.

Suspect murder near Gangnam station
Suspect in Gangnam station murder

The crime happened at a unisex restroom in a building near Gangnam station. Police have released the CCTV of the incident and they immediately caught the perpetrator. The 23-yr old female victim was stabbed several times on her chest and shoulders with a knife by the 37-yr old man who works at a restaurant.

In a lot of small buildings in Korea, the restroom is usually located between floors and in most cases, they are unisex restrooms. In this report by Chosun News, the man is seen standing on the landing with a cigarette at around 12:30 am. He went to the restroom and stayed there. At around 1am (1:03am on the timestamp), the woman got inside the restroom and then the man came out three minutes later (1:07am on the CCTV).
The woman was at a drinking party with her boyfriend and friends. When she didn’t come back to their table after excusing herself to the restroom, the boyfriend looked for her. He is seen on the CCTV on his knees at around 1:22am. And at 1:26 am, the 119 emergency staff is seen carrying the woman. Her devastated boyfriend following them.

The suspect was arrested within 10 hours at the restaurant where he works. The knife he used for the crime was found in his possession. During the investigation, he said that he hates women for ignoring him so he took “revenge” on the victim.
Men and women alike have been posting notes outside Gangnam station exit 10. An impromptu memorial is being held by ordinary folks. Gangnam station exit 10 is more popular to tourists as being the exit near where bus 5001 stops. That’s the bus that goes straight to Everland.
Here is a short video of the memorial in Gangnam…

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