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I’m always in a search for delicious Filipino food here in Korea. On Sundays, there are two places I go to ~ the Filipino market at Hyehwa-dong and at JR Southern BBQ in Itaewon. There is also Cebu Grill near Ehwa University, Kusina Restaurant in Itaewon and Jovy’s Grill near Cheonggyecheon. What if you live far from Seoul? Surely there are other places outside Seoul that you could visit to have that sizzling sisig or mouth-watering kare-kare. And if you can’t travel ~ then have them delivered to you.

Lutong Bahay sa Korea – Filipino food delivery

I was able to try one of the Filipino food deliveries ~ Lutong Bahay sa Korea. A home-based business by Anna Ardio Koh. She sent my package last Tuesday afternoon and I got it on Wednesday. The “taekbe ajosshi” or the delivery man left the ice box right beside our door.

Delivery from Lutong Bahay sa Korea
Delivery from Lutong Bahay sa Korea

My husband and son had decided earlier to eat Korean barbecue that night so I just opened the box and put the contents inside the fridge. There are five ice packs inside and they were still cold. I had “ginatan bilu-bilo”, “pancit palabok”, “menudo”, “pata kare-kare”, “dinuguan” and “leche flan” plus slices of egg and lemon. All were packaged in a plastic container and sealed air-tight.
It took me less than two days to eat everything! Hahaha! And here’s an honest verdict:
Ginatang bilu-bilo
Ginatang bilu-bilo

Ginatang bilu-bilo is purplish and has langka, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, tapioca pearls, and glutinous rice balls. The coconut sauce is rich but I like that it is not too sweet.
Rating: 4.5 of 5 (Would’ve been a 5 but there’s no “saging”)
Pancit lelot ~
Pancit lelot ~

Pancit palabok. This is one of my favorite Filipino merienda. This reminds me of those time when we used to go to Dau in the early 1908s just to buy from our suki pancit palabok. We lived in Balibago that time. Then when I was a teenager, Susie’s in Angeles City became the go-to place for me. Here’s my take on the pancit palabok by “Lutong Bahay sa Korea”. The sauce smells just like real palabok sauce. There are bits of shrimp, chicharon and chopped leeks. I then added the sliced eggs and lemon, which were packaged in their own containers. When I mixed the sauce and the noodles, I noticed that there was too much noodles for the sauce ~ or the sauce was not enough for the amount of noodles. I would suggest to lessen the noodles or add more sauce next time.
Rating: 3.5 of 5 ~ too much noodles/not enough sauce but the sauce itself tastes good

Menudo. This is also one of my favorite dishes and Kapampangans make it really well! The menudo from “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” has sliced hotdog, green peas, raisins and sliced liver. Anne didn’t scrimp on ingredients. This is the best among the food I received from “Lutong Bahay sa Korea”. It tastes just right ~ flavorful and not too salty.
Rating: 4.5 of 5 ~ just because the two servings is not enough for me!
Dinuguan ~ perfect with rice or bread or puto!
Dinuguan ~ perfect with rice or bread or puto!

Dinuguan. I remember my mother when I saw this ~ because she used to make this really well! The dinuguan from “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” is very meaty but lacks a little tang ~ or it’s probably just me remembering my mother’s cooking. Got my teeth really black but my stomach fully satisfied.
Rating: 4 of 5 (would give a 4.5 if she included just one puto!)
Pata kare-kare. The best kare-kare I’ve ever had is the one prepared by a friend of a friend in Uijeongbu. Loriza’s kare-kare is the bomb and I would give it a 5. She makes it the traditional Pampanga way ~ toasted peanuts (not commercial peanut butter) and rice. But that’s Loriza’s. Now for the “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” kare-kare ~ I like that she used “pata” so the collagen in it made the sauce thick and rich. It has lots of veggies and the accompanying “bagoong” is just right. I remember eating everything at one sitting ~ yup that’s two servings.
Rating: 4 of 5 (I would give it a 4.5 probably next time… hihihi)
Leche flan ~ everyone's favorite dessert
Leche flan ~ everyone’s favorite dessert

Leche Flan. Now for the famous Filipino dessert. What exactly is “umay” in English? I’m not a fan of leche flan like my friends are. The reason why leche flan is not my favorite dessert is because most of the time, I get “suya” from the sweetness and the creaminess and I could tell that condensed milk is used instead of just fresh milk. Yup, I don’t like condensed milk in leche flan. The one from “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” is rich and creamy but not too sweet ~ still I could tell that condensed milk is used. BUT it’s just the right amount of sweetness.
Rating: 4.5 of 5 (just because I like my caramel dark and bitter)
Is “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” worth the price you’re paying for? Surely and I think I will order the other dishes she offers.
Pro +
packed in ice box with ice packs
food is sealed in air-tight container
no spoiled food (walang panis)
food is delish
very affordable
Con –
limited choices BUT this is also a good thing ~ hirap kaya mag-decide
takes about a day for delivery ~ di pwede sa di makaintay
I think the food from “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” is prepared cleanly. Anne doesn’t save on ingredients and the food she prepared are all tasty ~ not too salty and not too sweet either. Highly recommended!


Find her on Facebook ~ AnnA Ardio Koh or “Lutong Bahay sa Korea”. She is also on Instagram @lutongbahaykorea


Lutong Bahay sa Korea(@lutongbahaykorea)님이 게시한 사진님,

Don’t forget that bottle of cola!

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  1. Thank you for this food review and for being honest! There’s always room for improvement and will definitely take notes on your review.

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