Filipinos win at 2016 Multicultural Music Festival

This may not be news anymore. Whenever there’s a Filipino contestant in a singing contest, it’s kinda expected that the Filipino will win a prize ~ no matter which place. Last year, Princess Kaite Corporal won the grand prize in “Jeonguk Noraejarang” special episode. It is the longest running singing contest in Korea.

2016 Multicultural Music Festival  Photo: KBIZ
2016 Multicultural Music Festival
Photo: KBIZ

2016 Multicultural Music Festival

Last May 21st, the 2016 Multicultural Music Festival was held at my favorite theme park ~ Everland. It was sponsored by KBIZ and Arirang TV. The event called 2016 외국인근로자 어울림 한마당 in Korean was held for employees to better understand the diverse cultures of their workers coming from 15 countries with the theme “Let’s Get Together”. About 1,100 foreign workers were in Everland that day to enjoy the rides and take a break from their work. They were treated to free day pass and lunch.
There were a total of 29 teams that auditioned for the music festival but only 8 teams were chosen to perform during the show. Two of those teams are from the Philippines ~ Himig Chingus and Captured Crew.
The Himig Chingus is composed of Erik Christian Bautista, Rachelle Montalbo-Salgatar, Jayan Salgatar and Daniel Isaac Dioneda. The group sang a medley of two songs: the world famous Filipino folk song “Anak” and the popular Korean spring song “Cherry Blossom Ending”. They wore the Filipino national costume: barong for the men while Rachelle looked so classy in her baro’t saya. They obviously wowed the crowd ~ and won second place or the Arirang Award of 2 million won.

Captured Crew is a dance group composed of Filipino workers here in South Korea. They danced to the popular Korean song “Bang Bang Bang” by Big Bang. All nine members of the group wore baseball jersey on top of black shirt and shorts. The audience loved their performance as evidenced in their reaction. They won the Harmony Award (third place) with monetary prize of 1 million won.

Congratulations to Himig Chingus and Captured Crew!

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