El Gamma Penumbra visits JR BBQ in Seoul

I’ll consider myself (and my friends) regulars of JR BBQ in Seoul. Since our first visit in January, we’ve been to the place several more times just enjoying their Filipino fare on Sundays and having fun listening to their willing participants on Karaoke Nights. I don’t sing but I enjoy listening to friend Cherish sing covers of her favorite singer ~ Adele.
Last June 18th was the last time we were at Itaewon’s JR BBQ and the guests were treated to a lively Saturday night program. It was their first “Comedy Night” with “The Amateurs” and Asia’s Got Talent Grand Winner “El Gamma Penumbra” was there to give the audience a treat with their special dance number. It was a Saturday and I thought they wouldn’t have Filipino food but they did. We only ordered crispy pata and sisig but I would say it was the best crispy pata I had (in Seoul) by far. It was truly crispy and the gravy was unexpectedly tasty! The crispy pata is good enough for four people and it is only 18,000 won. We also ordered their chicken wings ~ and they were delish!

JR BBQ Itaewon
Photo by Karl Garcia Photography

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JR BBQ opened at 8pm on Saturday, but they are usually open by 3pm on Sundays when they also serve lechon. The show was scheduled at 9pm but they started an hour late ~ which was disappointing BUT we still had fun. So much fun that we didn’t leave until 12 mn. Subways and buses in Seoul stop operating by that time ~ so some of us had to take taxis. Since I live where there are night buses, I just made my way to Jongro where I took an N bus and saved me some taxi fare!
El Gamma Penumbra was in Seoul for the Herbalife anniversary (AFAIK). They were also guests of Mr. Troy Lee ~ the owner of JR BBQ. They didn’t have a show for the restaurant but they indulged the audience to a dance medley. No shadow dancing was performed but we had a blast anyway. I really hope that they could come back for a show ~ and I would surely pay to see them perform.
Lots of people at JR BBQ that night ~ as you can see in this video.

I hope to find the video of “The Amateurs” ~

If you want Filipino food and great Filipino entertainment, drop by JR BBQ on Sundays from 3pm! It’s just a few meters from Itaewon station exit 4.