Can EPS workers invite their families to Korea?

Can EPS workers invite their families to Korea?
Can EPS workers invite their families to Korea?

There are about 25,000 Filipino EPS workers in Korea. The normal contract for these workers is 3 years, but it can be extended for 1 year and 10 months more. After that, they should go back to the Philippines and re-apply. The biggest hurdle to an EPS worker’s life is homesickness. Many leave their families back home ~ and they don’t get to see them until they go on vacation.
While Filipino married to foreigners can be invited and apply for a tourist visa to Korea, the EPS workers are not allowed to invite their families to visit them in Korea. This is a bit discriminatory and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation why.
Can an EPS worker invite their spouse to Korea?
Can an EPS worker invite their spouse to Korea?

In one of my old posts on tourist visa to Korea, spouses of EPS workers said that the consul confirmed that they cannot be invited to Korea.

The Consul simply told me that any OFW (with an EPS)working in Korea cannot allow their husbands/ wived / parents / boyried or girlfriend to go in Korea. Is this really true? I have my fiance who is an EPS and stands out as my Guarantor and so with me. But it is their company who invited me. I have the notarized invitation letter, their business permit and etc. My reference is a Korean who has invited me. And to think that I will be staying only for 10 days. For Christ’ sake.. I need an answer why.

This lady was told her husband cannot invite her ~
This lady was told her husband cannot invite her ~

If you are a spouse of an EPS worker, you might need to apply for the tourist visa on your own. Some said it is best not to mention that your spouse is working in Korea under the EPS.
To inform or not to inform?
To inform or not to inform?

hi iah, donna here.. sorry only now that i got to read your message.. sort of advise, you may indicate in your form that you will be the one to pay for your trip… i think maresse is right, that an EPS worker cannot invite their wife/husband/gf.. to make it certain, don’t declare that you’re an EPS wife nor don’t submit an invitation letter from your husband or from their company.

Screenshot of comments are from Tourist Visa to Korea for Pinoys.
Just use your own credentials. Submit your own documents. Remember that the embassy does not accept incomplete documents. If you are not working, try to establish a business and have it registered with the DTI or the City Hall. It might take time but that could be the only way for you to show proof that you have ties in the Philippines.
1. Certificate of Employment (if employed)
– must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, address, office land line number (cell-phone number is not allowed), e-mail address
– 1.1 Photocopy of business registration from SEC or DTI (if a business owner)
– 1.2 Photocopy of business permit from the City Hall (if a business owner)
2. Bank Certificate
– must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)
3. Bank Statement
– original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months
4. Income Tax Return copy
– with personal tin number
All documents must be issued within 3 months on the date of application.
The above documents are to be submitted with the following:
– Completed application
– Passport
– ID photo
– Copy of visa/arrival to OECD countries within the past 5 years
– Copy of PRC ID if applicable
Hopefully, HRD Korea will run a contest for EPS workers to invite their families in Korea like they did in the previous years.


  1. Hello Mam! Tanong ko Lang po. Na file na yung application ko for Korean visa but I declared that my husband is an EPS E-9 Visa holder. Wala na Po bang chance na ma approve ako since nag submit lahat ako ng complete requirements ko. Thanks po. God bless.

    1. hi makikibalita sana aq if wat happened to your application kasi gnyan dn sana ggwin ko next week…salamat

  2. To MK:
    I’m planning to go to korea to. My husband is eps E-9 Visa holder also. Ask ko lng po na grant po ba visa nyo nung sinabi nyo na nagwowork dun husband nyo? Thanks po

  3. my husband is an EPS worker in Korea. The first time I applied, I was approved kasi single pako nun. nakapunta akong Korea without any problem.
    The 2nd application when I updated my status to married, they asked me where my husband is. I told them that he’s working there. They asked for my husband’s ID at yun nga denied. Marami ng tatak ang passport ko pro denied parin nung nalaman nilang EPS worker.. too bad dapat hinde ko sainabe na nagwowork xa dun 🙁 Planning to apply this Spring.. duno if makalusot

    1. Hi! Good luck on your trip. In the next EPS MOU, I hope our leaders could suggest to allow EPS workers to allow them to invite their immediate family.

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