Korean store in Manila bans Filipinos

Apparently, a Korean store in Manila bans Filipinos from entering the establishment. Jun Panti posted this video on his wall on June 26th with this introduction:

Anong kalokohan ‘to?
Korean store bars Filipinos from entering and buying any of their products. Just across the DFA near McDo. We are being discriminated in our own country! Calling Pasay City government!
STORE NAME: Noble Phils. Souvenir & Gift Shop Corp. (Company Reg. No. CS201311556)(Company TIN 008-555-633-000)

A girl and a guy entered the store, but the Korean receptionist told them they cannot shop in the store. She said that only members are allowed in and only tourists with their airline ticket can shop. When the girl said that she just came from the states, the Korean said that she still cannot go inside to even take a look around the store.

Is this Korean store in Manila discriminating against Pinoys?
Is this Korean store in Manila discriminating against Pinoys?

It seems that this Korean store in Manila is operating like a “duty free” store if they are only accepting foreign tourists with passports and airline ticket. It is not clear in the video if it operating as such but it does seem to have a BIR certificate and a DTI certificate.
There are privately owned duty free shops in Korea ~ and they only accept foreigners in their shops. Koreans are not allowed to shop in them. I know because I’ve been to one and they were very accommodating. When they asked for my passport and I said I don’t have one, they still allowed me to buy from them.
Are Filipinos being discriminated by this Korean store even if the woman claimed that even Koreans cannot simply enter and shop?
Here is the video and the transcript of the conversation. I didn’t catch some of what the Korean woman said. It is obvious that she just doesn’t want the Filipino couple to get inside the premises.

Guy: Ma’am can I interview you for a while?
Korean: Yes?
Guy: Why is that locals are not allowed to enter your store?
Korean: You cannot get picture here.
Girl: I can’t buy?
Korean: Yeah.
Girl: Why not?
Korean: Only membership. Tourist membership.
Girl: But, I’m a Filipino and if I want to buy something…
Korean: You cannot.
Girl: Why?
Korean: Only foreigner.
Girl: If I can afford to be a member of this Korean store.
Korean: No, no.
Girl: Why?
Korean: People inside (not too clear)
Girl: Only a tourist job.
Korean: Yeah, yeah.
Girl: But, I mean, you’re here in Manila.
Korean: You cannot. Korean also cannot pasok.
Girl: So who are your customers?
Korean: Tourists with passport.
Girl: I have my passport.
Korean: Airplane ticket, like that.
Girl: I just arrived from the states.
Korean: No, no. You cannot. Sorry.
Girl: No? Not even? But why?
Korean: Never, never. Why like that? You cannot.
Guy: We cannot.
Girl: Can I take a look at your items?
Korean: No, no. Close door. Sorry.
City officials should look if what this Korean store in Manila is doing is legal or not. If they are operating like a membership store, there should be clear rules about it. Or else they might just be discriminating against the locals.


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