Chinese tourists assaulted Korean in Jeju-do

A middle-aged female Korean owner of a tavern was assaulted by eight Chinese tourists in Jeju-do on October 9th at around 10:30 pm. The Chinese tourists were dining at the place but they bought alcohol from a nearby convenience store. They were told that it’s the establishment’s policy to prohibit food brought from outside.
In Korea, there are dining places that prohibit BYOB or “bring your own booze” especially at a place called “술집” (sul jib) ~ the Korean word for a tavern. It is only right for the owner to ask them not to bring booze because that’s her main business.
When the 53-yr old owner asked the Chinese tourists to pay before leaving, they assaulted her and even hit her with a bottle. Three people tried to stop the fight but they also got hurt in the process. The woman surnamed “Ahn” is currently at the hospital for the injuries she sustained.
Three of the Chinese tourists were on a departure hold order. The other five will be served arrest warrants. There is an increase on foreign crimes in the island of Jeju-do. About 70% of of them involve Chinese tourists or residents.
Here’s the video of the news report by SBS:

This is not the first time that Chinese tourists have behaved badly in a foreign country. The magazine website Shanghaiist even came up with the 10 most embarrassing Chinese tourists of 2015.
Like one online news portal said “the Chinese may have the money but not the manners“.
Jeju-do offers visa-free visit to foreigners. Chinese and even Filipinos could come and visit the island without the need of a tourist visa. While the Chinese tourists are most welcome in the island, the citizens hope that they would behave well and as they say “do as the Romans do” ~
I recall that more than a decade ago, the Koreans were the undesirable tourists but now things have changed and they learned.


  1. Sa totoo lang most of the Chinese tourists (not all) have a really bad behavior. Wala silang manners. I remember the last time I was in Korea pauwi na kami and we are already at the airport waiting for the airport train shuttle, nakapila ako and nasa unahan, nung dumating na ung shuttle biglang nakipagunahan at hinawi kami nung mga Chinese na matatanda na nasa likod namin. Kasi gusto nilang makaupo as if naman isang oras ang byahe from the main terminal tapos super iingay. Kahit ung mga Chinese na kasabay namin sa everland nakikipagunahan pasakay ng shuttle. I remember reading a post on facebook about a group of Chinese tourist na nag-hoard ng shrimps sa isang buffet and also ung kwento ng isang Filipino lawyer about his experience din with Chinese tourists sa Italy na hindi maganda.

    1. Natulak ako ng bonggang-bongga ng isang Chinese tourist habang nanonood ng traditional wedding. At korek sa Jeju airport grabe ingay nila.

  2. Im here at jeju now so far wala prin new for chinese hahahahaa in born na sa kanila yan oldo sabi sabi masasama koreano …but wrong they have a warm heart than chinese and they are very seriously kaapg nagmahal sila than japanese

  3. Pang 3rd time ko na dito sa jeju since july aug and now oct this year….puro chinese ang lagi kong kasabay….pero un iba di ko alam reason why sila hokd ng immigration then back to they own country..lalo na un family with they child napauwe silang 3 un unang punta ko dito sa jeju kasamahan ko sila na hold sa immigration but thanks god after my interview natatakan nmn ako.

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