Jessy Mendiola, Kim Tae Hee of the Philippines?

Was it just a few weeks ago when Filipino netizens were bashing Jessy Mendiola on her controversial remark when she ruled FHM’s Sexiest? I was one of the few who didn’t know what the fuzz was about. She is a confident young woman and I agree with Ilda of GRP that her haters are being silly for bashing her. Also read “The kind of sexy that Jessy Mendiola sells” ~ must be my age that I find her confidence despite having “log legs” (as one of the things thrown at her) a positive trait.
Jessy Mendiola visited Korea once again last week. She has been to Korea a couple of times from 2013 when she was appointed an honorary ambassador for Korean tourism. On October 2nd, she was at the APAN Star Awards held at the Sangam MBC. She was awarded the “Best APAN Star Award” along with Song Joong Ki, Kim Hee Sun, Hiroki Namiriya, Joe Taslim and Thanayong Wongtrakul. This is her first award ever ~
Jessy wore a navy blue gown with a wide slit showing off her legs.

Jessy's leg exposed!
Jessy’s leg exposed!

Beautiful as expected that she was dubbed by the Korean press as the Philippines’ Kim Tae Hee. Watching the coverage, I just noticed how different her makeup style is from the Korean stars. My friends talked about that before ~ Filipino makeup style is more on the vivid side compared to the tamer Korean makeup style.
Jessy Mendiola: Kim Tae Hee of the Philippines
Jessy Mendiola Kim Tae Hee of the Philippines

Why did the call Jessy Mendiola Kim Tae Hee of the Philippines? I could only guess. I don’t really see the resemblance ~ but probably the aura.
Here are Jessy and KTH wearing hanbok ~
And here they are wearing blue gowns and gorgeous smiles.
I know that a lot of fans would react to Jessy Mendiola being compared to Kim Tae Hee. Agree or disagree? Let’s just be happy for Jessy for getting an award ~ and for being the “Kim Tae Hee of the Philippines”. Who knows, they just might have a project in the future 😀