Seoul fun: Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum and Poopoo Land

I didn’t know what to expect visiting Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum and Poopoo Land. I had some idea what Alive Museum is about but nada on the other two. One Wednesday morning, DJ Gennie and I visited the three places which are all located in Insadong. Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze are located in the same building while Poopoo Land is at the back of Ssamziegil. We decided to go there early to avoid the crowd.

Dynamic Maze

Dynamic Maze is a lot of fun! Before getting in we had to deposit all our things in the locker. No sunglasses, watch and no cellphone ~ so yeah we couldn’t take any photos inside. We also took of our shoes and placed them inside another locker.

Dynamic Maze rules!
Dynamic Maze rules!

Dynamic Maze consists of 16 different obstacles ~ mostly physical, a few are puzzles. I never thought I’d be able to do all the physical challenges but I did. From crawling to sliding, rope climbing and escaping ~ and of course screaming!
The whole maze took about 30 minutes ~ but we wish it were longer as we had loads of fun. I highly recommend Dynamic Maze to anyone who doesn’t have a back problem and who’s ready to take on a challenge. I couldn’t emphasize enough how much fun we had ~

Alive Museum

Alive Museum is the largest 3D fun art museum in Korea. It is not my first time in such a place so I’m quite familiar with how it works. There are two levels to the gallery. First level is mostly art gallery and so we took tons of photos like the ones below ~
I find the second level of “Alive Museum” more interesting. There is the “Black Wonderland” with interesting lights and sounds. The Cinderella story room is pretty and there is another room with Indian music and colorful light plays.

Gennie and her fairy godmother
Gennie and her fairy godmother

After enjoying Dynamic Maze and Alive Museum, we had lunch first and then we proceeded to Poopoo Land.

Poopoo Land

Have a sense of humor and enter this museum! Poopoo Land is a fun life-size representation of how “poop” moves in your body and out to the throne. It is both educational and fun. The whole tour takes only about 20 minutes but there are lots of interactive areas, photo zones, mazes and a 70-degree angle slide which I didn’t try.

Gennie and I at Poopoo Land
Gennie and I at Poopoo Land

All three attractions are located in Insadong. To get there, you can take subway line 3 and get off at Jongro3-ga. Find your way out of exit 5 and Insadong is just across the big road. It isn’t difficult to find Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze. Poopoo Land is at the back of Ssamziegil.
For tickets, you could get them at the box office. Remember to ask for the “Action package” ticket for Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze. It will save you a lot!
One more tip: go there in the morning and on a weekday. The museums open at 9:30 AM before other attractions open.