Three Koreans Found Dead in Bacolor, Pampanga

Three Koreans were found dead in Bacolor, Pampanga on October 11th. Several Korean news in English identified the place as Bacolod City but in Korean news broadcast, they said it was in “Bacolor” which is a town in Pampanga near San Fernando City. Bacolod City is located in the Visayas region whereas Bacolor is in Luzon.

News screenshot from Korea Times
News screenshot from Korea Times

필리핀에서 한국인 3명이 숨진 채 발견된 건 현지 시각으로 지난 11일 오전입니다.
필리핀 북부 루손섬의 바콜로가 사건 장소인데요.
Source: YTN –

And in this report by MBC, they mentioned the place as “Bacolor” near Angeles City.
The three Koreans, two male and one female, were found with gunshot wounds in their heads. They The men appears to be between 40 and 50 years old. One victim was seen with hands tied while another appears to have signs of being tied too. Their bodies were found on a road near a sugarcane field. It is believed that they were killed elsewhere and taken to the site.

News screenshot from UPI
News screenshot from UPI

The identities of the victims have not been confirmed and so no families have been notified yet. The Korean Embassy in the Philippines are working with local authorities to identify the victims and find the possible motive for the killings.
Video reports in Korean by MBC
Video report in Korean by YTN
The killing of the three Koreans brought to six the number of Koreans murdered in the Philippines this year. Last year, there were 11 Koreans killed in the country. In 2014, Korean media even branded the Philippines as the most dangerous country for Koreans for topping the list of countries where crimes against Koreans have happened. There is no distinction whether the crimes were perpetrated by other Koreans or the locals in the country.
There are over 100,000 Koreans living in the Philippines with about a third of them settling in Metro Manila and about 10% in Angeles City, near where the bodies were found.