Three South Koreans nabbed in a drug raid in Makati

Image source: Wikipedia
Image source: Wikipedia

As reported on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, three Koreans were nabbed along with three other Filipinos in a drug raid at a condominium unit in Makati City on October 31st. The report was shown on TV Patrol’s November 1st broadcast. The Quezon City Police Department obtained a warrant to search the unit located in the neighboring city of Makati. It took the police some time before they were able to enter the premises. The group wwas caught with 250 grams of the illegal drug called “shabu” or metamphetamine. A packet of 100 grams is estimated to cost 600,000 PHP or 14 million KRW. The six are involved in repacking the drugs and sending them to the USA and South Korea by courier. The police will investigate the courier companies that they were using.
The police said they would put four grams of shabu in a small plastic container and insert four packs for a total of 16 grams in an expandable envelope. Then they are sent to their destination in the USA and Korea.

A woman who was caught with the group admitted that they were dealing with drugs, while one of the Korean men denied it. They are currently in police custody with no chance of posting bail. The Korean Embassy is coordinating with the Philippine National Police in investigating this case. The group allegedly get their supply from a Chinese manufacturer.
The news is available on Korean news portal sites citing GMA News as their source. Among them,
Asia E
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President Duterte has waged his war on drugs from the first day he stepped into office. South Korea is one of the country’s closely monitoring the war on drug as they are illegal in the country but pushers and addicts could somehow manage to get hold of them.