68-(1) and 46-(1) stamped on passport

This is a common question asked by Filipinos in Facebook groups. What does 68-1 or 46-1 stamped on the passport mean? The numbers refer to the articles in the Immigration Control Act of South Korea.

68-(1) and 46-(1) stamps
68-(1) and 46-(1) stamps

68-(1) means “Order of Departure”. This is stamped on the passport of an overstaying foreign passport holder who surrendered to the Immigration Office and volunteered to leave the country. In the Immigration Control Act, Article 68 contains the following:

Article 68 (Departure Order)
(1) The head of office or branch office, or the head of the foreigner internment camp may order any foreigner falling under any of the following subparagraphs to depart from the Republic of Korea: Read the rest here.

On the other hand, 46-(1) means “Order of Deportation”. It is stamped on the passport of an overstaying foreign passport holder who was caught by immigration officials. This carries a ban of a maximum of five years before the individual could come back to Korea. Article 46 of the Immigration Control Law of South Korea contains the following:

Article 46 (Persons to be Deported)
(1) The head of office or branch office or head of a foreigner internment camp may deport any of the following foreigners from the Republic of Korea according to procedures as prescribed in this Chapter: Read the rest here.

A common question asked by those who had the numbers stamped on their passport is: will they be able to apply for the EPS-TOPIK and be admitted as EPS workers? Here is what the official EPS website says:
Based on the information above, a person who had the 68-(1) or 46-(1) stamped on the passport is not eligible for the EPS visa. Even if the applicant passes the EPS-TOPIK test and gets chosen by an employer, the Immigration Office in South Korea will check the record of the applicant. They have the final decision on the visa application.
Is it possible for someone who left voluntarily to go back to Korea as a tourist? It is possible but only if they could get a visa from the Korean Embassy in their country.

No Entry-Ban on Voluntary Departure

Earlier this year, the Immigration Office announced a “no entry-ban” on overstaying foreigners who would voluntarily leave Korea until the end of the year.

Exemption from a re-entry ban for voluntary departure
❑ Duration : 2016. 4. 1. ~ 9. 30. (6 months) – EXTENDED to December 31st
❑ Place : Immigration offices at all ports of entry
❑ Benefits for voluntary departure
❍ Exemption from the re-entry bans which were imposed due to the period of overstaying.
※ Previously, there was an exclusion period for up to 2 years depending on the length of overstaying
❍ Exemption from the penalty for illegal migrants and their employers.
❍ Leaving the country freely without detention.
❍ Entering the ROK after receiving the re-entry visa from the diplomatic mission abroad.
â–¸ If you were deported as you were caught by the authorities, you would be banned from returning for up to 5 years regardless of the period of overstaying.
â–¸ There would be enhanced criminal penalty including accusation, etc., and increased fines would be imposed as well.
❑ Procedure for voluntary departure
❍ If you choose to return to your home country voluntarily, you should come with a flight ticket and valid passport or travel document and report your voluntary return status to immigration offices at all ports of entry on your departure date.
※ If you entered this country using a forged passport or any other abnormal ways, there will be more time needed for verification of identity. In these cases, you should contact and visit Immigration offices at ports of entry at least 3 days in advance of your departure date.
❑ Contact details
❍ If you have any further inquiries, please contact the Immigration Contact Centre(☎ 1345) or Immigration offices at ports of entry.
– Incheon Airport : ☎ 032-740-7391~2 – Gimhae : ☎ 051-979-1300


  1. Hi po.. 68 -1 po ung tatak ko umuwi po ako last may this year.. gusto ko po sana mg tour o bumalik s korea kasama ng anak ko n 9 yrs old.. next year po pwde po b ako mkbalik ulit… twice n po nkpunta s korea ang anak ko..kasama ang mama ko..

  2. Hi miss betchay ask ko lang po sana dual citizen na po ung son ko hindi po kmi kasal ng dady nya if ever mag visit kmi sa kanya need pa po ba ng visa ang son ko may korean philippine passport na po xa alin po ba mas maigi nya gamitin going to korea korean passport or philippine thanks po sa tugon.

    1. Korean passport check mo lng expiration date. Kung dp expire puede pa yan. Ticket nlng bilhin mo . D na nya need visa sa pinas.

  3. Gud morning miss betchay! Ask q lng po sna if possible n mkblik aq ulet ng korea kht n ngtnt aq dun for almost 2 years,then umuwi aq this last oct.28(voluntary surrender) taz may tatak ung passport q ng 68-1??ang problema p is e6 visa aq nung npunta aq ng korea tpos baklas visa p?sna po msgot nyo po ang tnong q..slmat po ng mrmi
    If ever po bka pdeng pkicopy paste n din po ung sgot nyo s email q @ judie1182@gmail.com …. slmat po ulet

    1. Pwera na lang kung gumamit ka ng pekeng name, pwede ka pa bumalik. Kung peke name or passport gamit mo, baka hindi na pero subukan mo din after 3 months.

      1. Good pm po mam san po mki2ta ang req.pra sa parents hnd q.kc mkita sa google slmat..po at tnung dn po me ung kpatd q.gs2 q.sna iinvte kso kulang nlng nya itr hnd kc sya mbigyan kc hnd rw sya reg.sa trabho pwede kya un mg apply kh8 wla itr slmat…sa reply god bless u.

  4. Maam betchay pwd poh ba makabalik ng korea kung sumurrender ka tatak poh ng passport 68-(1) poh at kung pumasa ka sa exam ng KLT,tnx poh sa sagot

  5. Hi, my friend was overstayed in South Korea for al most 9 months and he voluntarily travel back. Immigration officer put stamp of 68-1 on his passport. Now he wants to go back on employment visa through EPS-TOPIK system. Can he get employment visa and can be entered in South Korea ?

    1. Hi Ali! He could take the test but the immigration will see that he violated his stay. Even if he is able to get an employer, the immigration may not grant him the visa.

      1. i have this same situation with ALI but i would like to apply eps-topic after 5 years,, will i still get employment visa after 5 years?

  6. Hi ma’am betchay, ask ko lng po panu mkakabalik if ung passport ko eh may tatak ng 46-1. I was caught by immigration last july 2016. Tpos may new passport n ulit ako at ung friend ko gusto ako iinvite. Pwede po b kaya un?

    1. Hi Isay! Pag may order of deportation po kagaya ninyo na nahuli, after five years pa po kayo pwede makapag-apply uli ng visa kahit bago po ang passport ninyo at kahit may nag-iinvite po sa inyo. Ang paraan lang para makabalik ng mabilis sa Korea ay mag-asawa 🙂

  7. hi mam betchay ask ko lang po kasi voluntary surrender po ako 2years a go na and ang gamit ko ay travel documents lang kasi expired na passport ko wala po ako nakita na 68-1 na nakita sa luma k na passport at sa travel documents ko possible pa po ba na makabalik ako para mag tourist ulit

    1. Hi Jaja! It’s up to the consul kung bibigyan ka ng visa. Try mo lang tutal libre naman ang application.

  8. HI, i left korea in december, after 4 month overstaying there. My country doesn’t need visa to go to Korea as tourist, even then Ineed to ask for a visa as tourist? And is it posible to find a job with other program different than the eps? Thank you

    1. Hi Rut! It is possible to find a job but it would be up to the immigration if they would give you a visa.

  9. hi miss bechay 68-(1) din po nka tatak sa passport ko and im willing to wait that 5 year ban, will they still give me a eps visa ? if ever po pumasa ako? after 5 years of deportation?

  10. Hi Ms Betchay,
    Ask ko lang if I will have issues sa airport when I landed to South Korea. I already granted a visa though kinda worried because I got banned to enter Korea for 5 years but It has been 7 years already. I was also able to go back before because I am married to a Korean mumtilple times but then we got sperated and never had communication so I wanted to go back again to clear up my status.
    Thabks in advance!

  11. Hi po..maam betchay..ask ko lng po.galing po ako ng saudi.magbakasyon po ako sa pinas.my plan is gusto ko mag attend ng free transit tour sa korea..ang way ko po ay from k.s.a.to stanbul.din stanbul to korea..at korea to phil..possible po b na maka join po ako kahit ilang oras lng po.thankyou for your help..

  12. hello i have stamp 46-(1) in my passport ? it mean five year ban ? but when i leave korea imigration told me i have just for one year can u tell me is true or they told me lied ? plz inform me ~~

  13. Maam betchay umuwi ako dito last may11,2016 tnt po ako ng almost12 yrs po.after two yrs.pwede po ba ako makabalik sa korea tourist visa.Salamat n more power.

  14. Hi. Do you have any idea if your passport get stamped with 68-1 due to overstay, will your chance to apply a visa to another country (US) be affected?

    1. Hi! Your chance of applying for a visa in another country should not be affected ~ but of course it will all depend on the consul.

  15. hello there i was given the 46-1 stamp in 2015 july tried to enter then found out i have one year ban its been two years now im american with free visa. my question for u is now my ban is over do u think i could gain entry into south korea as of now or will there be issues

  16. Hi! I got deported in March 2013. I forgot what stamp they put on my passport but I was caught by the immigration after 10-20 days of over staying. When can I apply? Can I apply before march but will travel back in march 2018?

  17. Hi Betchay,
    My twin friends got their passports stamped with 제89조에 stamp, please can they return to Korea as graduate students?

  18. I have came to korea twice 2010 and 2013 but i was caught among with some workers in a factory when i went to visit a friend of mine and got deported with two months valid visa on my passport, the immigration incharge of my case told me the 32-1 code on my passport meams that i can still enter kirea after one year, please can you trow me more light on this, thanks

  19. Good day Ms Betchay!
    I have a question. My cousin overstayed for about 5 days extra. Upon his return, his passport got a stamp 67-1. Is he banned from entering Korea in the coming month, say November? And I saw that for frequent visitor, we can apply a special visa? Would it be recommendable?
    Thank you!

  20. Good Afternoon Miss Betchay. Just want to ask what are requirements in changing of tourist visa into G1. Thanks!

  21. Will having a 68-(1) from korea stamp prevent me from getting a k1 visa to the U.S?

  22. Hi Miss Betchay. I was repartraited from korea with a four-day oversaty. Now I wish to go beack to korea. I have korean step mother who has legally adopted me. Is it possible she can invite me back to korea?

  23. Hi Betchay
    May I ask a question?
    I was live and work in South Korea many years. But my Korean skills was very low. Then I attended Korean language university to improve my Korean . So I applied student visa to study . After a few months my visa expired then I overstayed about 6 months in Korea. So I voluntary leaved Korea… Then 27.09.2016 they are stamped my passport 68-(1) so can back to Korea again ?????

    1. There is a 5 year ban if you have been deported voluntarily or involuntarily.

  24. Hi po 46-1 po tintak s visa k mkkpgapply ppo bko at mgkkchance mkbalik ng korea thank you po!

  25. after 5 yeare.i came to kotea again …is it not a problem in inchon airport..?(68-1)i have

  26. Please bgyan nyo po ako ng payo tungkol po sa case ko dto sa korea.E-6 po ang pasok ko dto then nag tnt po ako ng 3years.last year of September nag apply po ako ng g1 visa nitong february lng ako nkapgbyad ng penalty ko sa immigration it cost 10million and i have a reciept from the immigration office.nitong september lng kinasal ako sa us army.we tried to change my g1 visa to a sofa visa but the immigration said they cant because i have g1.so pumunta po kmi ng asawa ko sa refugee office to withdraw my refugee application in just 20 minutes na cancel agad nla.kinabukasan bumalik ulit kmi sa immigration office to ask a sofa visa stamp.pero hnd p din dw ako nla pwd bgyan dhl may departure order dw ako at pg umuwi ako sa pinas band p din ako ng 2 years.so paano nman ung binayad kong penalty 10million sa 3years kong tnt dto.bukod p ung 2million na binayad ko sa taong nag ayos ng g1 ko.lahat 12million ang nawala sa amin.sobrang sakit po sa dib2.ngaun po kmi ang nhi2rapan dhl hnd ako mkauwi agad2 sa pinas then balik dto.pki advise po maam.salamat

  27. I was caught August 8 2018 I got stamp 46-1 I know it’s 5yrs banned over stay aq ng 8months Plano po nmn ng bf q magpakasal is it possible na mag pa register si bf without me in korea document Lang papasa nia sa korea my possible ba na makabalik aq agad thanks

  28. in My passport have a stamp(68-1)i came to srilanka in 5 years ago..i resiewed a bisnus visa for the bisnus meeting (4 days programs ) it has a sponser in korea.can i resiewed a visa for that….

    1. Madam I was deported last oct. 31 with 46-1 stamp. Now my boss want me to marry a korean. Is there any possible for me to comeback to Korea after getting married? Or is there any problem that we may encounter?

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