COVID-19 Support for Foreigners by WMigrant

Women’s Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea is now accepting applications for COVID-19 support for foreigners who were not able to get the relief fund from the government.

Eligibility: Foreigners who were not able to get government support

Grant: 1,500 households will receive 300,000 won

Application period: Until June 12, 2020

How to apply: Only through migrant-related organizations, by email

Required documents:

  • Letter of recommendation from an organization
  • Identification document (passport/ARC)
  • Bank account
  • Registration documents of recommending organization
  • Medical certificate

Individual applications will not be accepted. Only migrant organizations can apply or make recommendations. Applications can be submitted to the nearest branch of the Korean Migrant Women’s Human Rights Center, and affiliate Migrant Women’s Counselling Centers.

Korean Migrant Women’s Human Rights Center branches in South Korea:

  • Gyeongnam 055-741-6356
  • Busan 051-864-2603
  • Jeonnam 061-272-1560
  • Jeonbuk 063-227-2990
  • Chungbuk 043-223-5254

Migrant Women’s Counselling Centers, affiliated with the Korean Migrant Women’s Human Rights Center:

  • Seoul Women’s Counselling Center 02-733-0120
  • Jeonnam Migrant Women’s Counselling Center 061-282-1562
  • Chungbuk Migrant Women’s Counselling Center 043-223-5253

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