The South Korean First Lady in Action

President Moon Jae In’s wife, Kim Jung Sook, is known for her likable and approachable personality earning her the nickname “Jolly Lady”. Her position as a First Lady of the land has not changed her style.

The year 2020 has been challenging for South Korea with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and a historic 49 day monsoon season. A lot of rural areas experienced flooding. On August 12, Moon Jae In visited the southern area to inspect the damages brought by the nonstop rains and talk to the affected citizens. He was accompanied by his ministers and other government officials. On the other hand, First Lady Kim Jung Sook traveled north to the province of Gangwon-do in the region of Cheorwon-gun.

According to the citizens, the First Lady headed to the flood-damaged areas without notifying the media nor the residents of Igil-ri. Dressed in what is considered “ajumma gear” and rubber gloves, she started helping in the restoration work at 8:40 in the morning.

She worked along with the volunteers, helping with the laundry and cleaning the belongings of the families affected by the floods.

It was only when the villages and volunteers gathered for lunch that they noticed the First Lady. Here are some photos taken by a citizen:

Her humility and hard work should serve as an inspiration to everyone. In the photos, she may be dressed in regular “ajumma” clothes wearing a 2,000 won rubber gloves but her heart shines like a diamond.

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