COVID19 Enhanced Distancing Rules in South Korea

Due to the recent COVID19 outbreak in Seoul and Gyeonggi province, the metropolitan area has been placed on Level 2 on the Enhanced Distancing Rules. The government warned that if the situation does not improve, they might call a Level 3 alert.

What does being on Level 2 of the Enhanced Distancing Rules mean?

Level 1 – Enhanced Distancing Rules

This is implemented when the number of new cases daily for 2 weeks is less than 50.
– Get-togethers and events are allowed.
– Sports are allowed with a limited number of spectators.
– Public facilities are open.
– Private facilities are allowed to operate.
– Hybrid classes – in-person and online.
– Public institutions are open with 1/3 of the workforce telecommuting.
– Private institutions are open.

Level 2 – Enhanced Distancing Rules

We are on level 2 when the number of daily new cases for two weeks is between 50-100.
– Indoor gatherings are limited to 50 people. Outdoor gatherings are up to 100 people.
– Sports events with no spectators.
– Public facilities are suspended.
– Private facilities that are high risk are closed.
– Online classes and limited in-person classes.
– Public institutions operate with 1/2 of the workforce telecommuting.
– Private institutions operate with a skeletal workforce.

Level 3 – Enhanced Distancing Rules

We are on level 3 when there are more than 100 cases two times in a week.
– Gatherings are limited up to 10 people.
– No sports events.
– Public facilities are suspended.
– Mid- and high-risk private facilities are closed.
– Online classes or no classes.
– Essential workers only at public institutions.
– Essential workers only at private institutions.

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