Middle Schooler Bullied for Having a Foreign Mom

In a news report on SBS, a 15-year old middle school student was apparently bullied by six girls who are her seniors at the same school she attends. On February 21st, the girl was assaulted at the rooftop of a building in Ulsan. She was hit on the face and stomach. The back of her hand was hit with a lit cigarette. Her assaulters put gum on her hair and burned with a lighter. Two girls also poured coffee on her legs.

The bullied girl has been staying in the hospital for her injuries. The police has launched an investigation. The perpetrators apparently assaulted her for having a foreign mom. It has not been reported what her mother’s nationality is but it really shouldn’t matter.

The girl is understandably afraid but the police said that they will provide protection against any retaliation for the assault charges.

Here’s the full story in Korean and the corresponding news video:

Middle Schooler Bullied

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