COVID19 TESTING is currently free for residents in Korea wanting to get tested. Just call 1345 for the nearest testing center or go to the temporary testing centers which are located in publicly accessible areas in Seoul – like Seoul Station, Cheongnyangni Station, and more. The result of the test is sent through a text message. Legal and even illegal residents are encouraged to get tested.

For those who are travelling outside Korea, the country of destination may need a written negative COVID19 even before boarding the plane. In this case, going to the health center may prove futile as they will not give a written result.

Here are your options:

Incheon International Airport

If you choose to get tested at the airport, you should first make a reservation. Unfortunately, it is only available in Korean. It isn’t hard though and if you could shop at Coupang, then you could register for COVID19 testing at the airport. Here is the link to register: INCHEON AIRPORT COVID19 TESTING RESERVATION.

You will need to plan your trip carefully as the result takes time to come out. Check the chart below for the PCR Test.

If you choose to get an antibody/antigen test, it only takes an hour for the result to come out.

How much does it cost? The rates for Koreans and foreigners are different (I can’t tell you why) and you can get tested for PCR and even antibody/antigen if you need it. The consultation fee is also different on weekdays and weekends. So, if you chose to get tested on a weekday then you’ll have to shell out at least 175,000 won.

Here is the complete procedure:

You can also get COVID19 testing with a written report from hospitals in South Korea. There are currently 621 permanent testing sites but not all of them will provide a written negative result in English, which is required by countries.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare or MOHW provides an updated list of hospitals or clinics when one can get tested and get a written result. Remember there is an extra fee for the report. Here is the link to the MOHW LIST OF HOSPITALS FOR COVID19 TESTING. The list is only available in Korean, but it is updated daily. Just to be sure, choose the big private hospitals in your area.

It’s a hassle to travel with all the restrictions for COVID19. So make sure that you know the rules in your country of destination. Just remember that when you come back to Korea, you’ll have to undergo a 14-day quarantine!!!

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