Limited edition Korean snacks for spring

Pink Korean Snacks for White Day

When I visited a large supermarket last week, I was shocked at the pinkness of the Korean snack isles! It was just a few days before White Day, which is on March 14th. On White Day, men are expected to give presents to women. It’s a commercial holiday – not to be taken seriously just in case your partner doesn’t give you any.

Anyway, I love trying new snacks but all those pink snacks overwhelmed my senses – and my wallet. I ended just taking photos and not getting anything. Most of these Korean snacks are limited edition – only available this spring or until supplies last.

I went to Lotte Mart in Cheongnyangni and this was what greeted me…

At Lotte Mart, ABC chocolates, Crunky, Mongshell
Strawberry and Banana flavored Oh Yes from Haitai
Haitai’s Alcho (Egg chocolate) for those who prefer to “make” their own candy

So where do I start to try them all??? I could just imagine how many kilograms I would gain trying each of them…

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