2021 Designing with Lie Sang Bong – Fashion School for Multicultural Children

If you haven’t heard of Lie Sang Bong, he is one of the most celebrated fashion designers in South Korea. As far back as I can remember, he has been holding charity fashion shows for the multicultural community. These fashion shows have been attended by celebrities and bigwigs in South Korea’s fashion industry.

It is because of Lie Sang Bong’s consistent support for the multicultural community and his status as a fashion designer that the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education has appointed him to head the “2021 Multicultural Dreaming School” (2021 이상봉 디자이너와 함께 하는 꿈토링스쿨).

Lie Sang Bong taking a bow after his Hangeul-inspired fashion show in 2014.


PeriodMay 29 to November 27, 2021
FrequencyEvery Saturday, 10am to 12nn
Opening CeremonyMay 29, 2021, 10am
Final Fashion ShowNovember 27, 2021
VenueOnggi Art Hall, Seoul Arts College (Gangnam)
Target number of student60 multicultural kids, Grade 5 – 3rd year HS in Seoul
Course contentsCareer mentoring in fashion for multicultural students
– Fashion design classes, fashion model classes
– Basic education, practicum in fashion design, practicum in fashion modelling
– Student participation in final fashion show planning and operation
MentorsFashion Designers (Lie Sang-bong, Shin Jang-kyung, Lee Young-hee, Ko Tae-yong)
Fashion Model (Kim Ha-neul, Kim Tae-yeon)
University professors (Lee Yeon-hee, Kim In-kyung, Hong In-soo, Lee Sun-jin,
Kang Shin, Park Sun-hee), college students in fashion, etc.

Registration Information

Registration Date – May 7 to 20
Process – http://naver.me/G5rzaqgD
For inquiries – 02-6949-2006 or 02-3999-113

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