Missing Korean high school student found dead

On June 22, 2021 the parents of a senior high school student, Kim Hee Sung, reported their son missing. The whole nation hoped that he had ran away from home. It was reported that he had a discussion with his father about his future career the day before. He also sent a text message to a friend worrying about his future.

His class ended that Tuesday at 4:40 pm. He sent a message that he will go home after his evening studies (usually ends at 10pm). He left his cellphone on his desk. He went to a bookstore and bought five workbooks for self-study. He was last seen exiting an elevator near a bus stop.

RIP Kim Hee Sung
He bought five workbooks for self-study.

The police has been tracking his movements from that time. A review of black boxes of buses identified him taking a village bus and getting off near a training center. Authorities deployed 180 personnel from three mobile units, helicopters, drones and search dogs to look for him. Posters were distributed and shared online and even a petition on the presidential website was posted to help look for him.

Police found his body at a hiking trail.

On the morning of June 28, 2021, his body was found 30 minutes after the search resumed. His head was covered in black vinyl bag and it is believed that he died of asphyxiation. The police said that there is no foul play. The family wishes for privacy.

Kim Hee Sung was a third year high school student. Later this year, he would be taking the college entrance exam or KSAT.

Note: I wrote my thoughts about this and academic pressure in Korea as I have a middle school aged son and I also teach high school students. I just decided to delete what I wrote and be objective, but I really feel sad about this.




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