200-pound beauty

This is the hottest movie in Korea right now! “200-pound beauty” (미녀는 괴로워) stars Kim A-jung. Not only is it the hottest movie but it’s theme song and video are hits as well. I visit Melon almost everyday and “Maria” has been consistently on top of the most downloaded music videos. When I first saw the trailer, I thought that Kim A-jung’s “fat” character kind of look like Sammy Cheng’s in “Love on a Diet.” Well, I’m not really sure of “200-pound beauty’s” storyline but it seems like she is fat and had a surgery so she could be slim. I really find the song “Maria” catchy that I find myself singing it in the shower. I think Kim A-jung’s really sexy (just a little bit flat-chested) but sometimes not that appealing on some angles (who isn’t?). Hmm, I wonder when can I see this movie…
Anyway, here’s the music video “Maria”…

  1. wow! thats awesome!!! beautiful 🙂
    like you…hhmmm
    hi!!!! I’m harvard,25,single from davao city…
    how bout you?

  2. This movie was pretty much what I thought. Lame, predictable, big girl gets surgery and gets the man and everything else she wants. Its worth a look though, similiar movies have been made like this and made much better. It isnt up to the hype my korean friends put on it, but it is diffinitely got a few cute moments and some laughs. However dont expect shakesphere when you see it.—— tracy

  3. I remember a TV series, “My Name is Kim San Soon”. The fat girl character did not have any surgery done or did not go through any wonder diet. I like Kim because she’s proud of who she is and accepts that she is bigger sized than the usual Korean girl. And what’s great is that the male lead fell in love with her and not with the slim and sexy rival of Kim.

  4. Not all stories can be original. Even many of shakespears stuff was said to be inspired by those around him.
    Still, sure any plot about a girl becomes beauty and blah blah is seen in ALOT no matter where you are. But its how the story is written and all that stuff that makes it diffrent and enjoying to watch.
    Plus, this story is manga-based by Yumiko Suzuki.

  5. haha! this show is definitely worth watching. ! CUte, nice n toUching. love it. Laughed n cried! people beside me also cried. lol! nice nice nice RECOMMENDED to watch! =D Joo Jin-mo, v hottt! Kin A-Jung, sweet + pRetty! =D

  6. I love the show.. esp the meaning behind it all .. that in the pursuance of fame, wealth, beauty or whatever, don ever leave your true self behind… 🙂

  7. hey i love this song i been findin it for ages
    but where do i get it?
    Melon? I dont read korean so i have no idea what is displayed there
    Umm can u have a link on where to get it downloaded

  8. ive watched this already and it’s good…joo jin mo is very handsome…very talented…i like him…is he single?

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