Song Il Guk in All About Eve

Song Il Guk in All About EveAll About Eve is one of my favorite Korean dramas! Actually, it’s the first Korean drama I’ve ever loved! It’s the Korean version of “Shawshank Redemption” for me on the number of times I’ve seen it (and I’ve seen the prison movie more than 20 times!).
Anyway, as I was looking for pictures of Song Il Guk on the internet today, I came across three pictures that thrilled me. Two of them are images of the Jumong title roler wearing boxer shorts and flashing his “sculpted” upper body. The last one is a picture of him sitting beside Han Jae Suk! I took another look and yes, it is indeed Song Il Guk. Woohoo! Two of my most favorite Korean actors in one drama – Jang Dong Gun and Song Il Guk. I wonder why I never noticed the latter in that drama before. He appeared on episodes 7, 9, 10, 11, 17 and 20. Time to check my AAE videos again!

  1. really? i saw that drama as well and i didnt notice him.. SIG looks good with a stubble.. when he is clean shaven he looks like a teen ager.. in fact in jumong i found him better looking when he became king and he was made to look more older…. thanks for this info 😀

  2. oh and btw i saw the cast at shangrila we went there in the afternoon but it wasnt plan so i didnt have a cam with me!!! :(( i saw that lady playing yang seolran –she is very short and very pretty! , and the guy playing moogol (i think) and geumwa.. the rest i didnt recognize….

  3. AAE is such a great drama ^^ JDG!! its being rerun dito sa pinas,, salamat naman~! my second time to watch actually [:

  4. you’re really cool… thank you for the information… since i finished watching Jumong, i always find myself surfing the net about his profile and his other shows…
    this is really amazing… thank you very much…

  5. i really very love song il guk since emperor of the sea.He is acting well.Also he is so handsome and cute.i really want to meet him.i wish he come to turkey 🙂

  6. yep, i saw SIG in all about eve. he’s a coworker of han jae seok in the series. i think one of his scenes was when they were trying to get a story on kim so yeon’s ex.. they were in the car. haiz, he looked so young there. i guess if one hasnt seen jumong nobody would even remember him being in AAE. i only recognized him in Eve because Jumong is also being shown here in the philippines. and i thought, hey, si jumong ba yon? ngek, si jumong nga. haha. 😉

  7. pangit si jumong mas gwapoh prin c koike teppei, oguri shun and jun matsumoto tignan nio mga gwapoh yan tatlong yan mas gwapoh pa kay song il-guk (jumong)

  8. wahh kung sabagay may kagwwapohan sia peo mas gwapoh ung tatlong binangit /Users/juanapalo/Desktop/jumong! (Han hye-jin and song il-guk)/db026301cc55e0_main.jpg

  9. Si Song Il Gook ang pinaka gwapong lalaki sa buong mundo at sa buong kalawakan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I was also a fanatic of “all about eve” but really, I haven’t noticed even a single scene of song il gook. My gosh, I really love this guy….promise!!!! Ang galing nya sa Jumong!!!!!

  11. super……..grabe tlaga…..Ang gwapo ni jumong. I wish dumating cya d2 s philippines. Im sure punta me dyan kung saan man cya d2 s pilipnas dumating. Sana ang baby ko kmukha ni jumong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. oh! really so madami pla tayong fans ni il gook kya may iba na ayaw sa kanya pero korek ka siya talaga ang pinaka poge sa lahat wala ng papantay pa,

  13. hay….!!!!!naku pra skin c jumong lng an tnging la2ki n gnoong k gwapo kya pra sa mga nani2ra inggit lng keo

  14. Thx 4 ur info, I also an AAE lover, I had re run AAE and woww..!! He looks so young & cool, I wonder why havent I noticed b4?! Right after I watched him in Jumong, I’m searching his other films.. I really love this tall handsome guy esp his great acting skill !! so thx again 4 ur info.. 8)

  15. Sobrang galing tlg ni Song Il Gook! Panoorin nyo ang Terms of Endearment at lalo nyo syang mamahalin! hnd lang bsta mamahalin! mamahalin nyo sya ng SOBRA SOBRA!!!! First time I watched him was in Jumong then I’ve searched for his profile then I’ve watched him in TOE! Sobrang galing at sobrang ganda ng character nya! Try to watch it, he started appearing in Episode 25..

  16. hi dear song il gook
    iam a iranian
    he is one of my favorite actor
    you are the best actor in all
    emperor of the sea is great drama (and jumong)
    i wish he com to iran……………
    tahnk you very much..

  17. Hey I was surprise that I also love only Jang Dong Gun and Song Il Gook of Korean actors.
    I hadn’t notice of him as well.

  18. hello my dear
    I am iranian
    you are very very good actor ( best word actor )
    peha you love me & all iran
    i wish he com to iran……………

  19. I love Song IL Guk. Have been trying to get his drama on the website. He also appeared in Hard Love, Desert Spring (Oasis), Royal Story. This guy is really handsome and masculine.

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