Makgeolli anyone?

It’s sometimes awkward to romanize korean names as in the case of 막걸리 or makgeolli, which is a traditional rice wine in Korea. I didn’t drink (alcohol) when I was in the Philippines, but that changed when I came here. I was told that it’s impolite to refuse a drink when you’re offered one. I was surprised at my tolerance for alcohol. We once had a drinking spree that lasted for six hours. We drank so much I was afraid I’d go straight to alcohol rehab! That time we had soju (the more popular Korean drink) for dinner, then beer and finally makgeolli.
Makgeolli is an alcoholic beverage but it’s only about 6% proof. It is off-white in color and is sold in a plastic bottle like the one in the photo. We bought that one in the town of Idong in Gyeonggi province (about 1 1/2 hours north of Seoul). We usually drink it from a bowl (specially metal bowl) rather than from a shotglass. It is best with fruits or “pajeon” (korean pancake). I sometimes drink it straight ‘coz it reminds me of milk with a little bit of alcohol.


  1. Maybe you always had milk with a little alcohol in it. Maybe you just were too active a kid and milk wasn’t enough to put you down. ;-P
    Wow, it is interesting to know that it looks bad to say no to alcohol. The peer pressure lectures and all those “just say no” campaigns would not be necessary if it was the same in the US. Hehe…

  2. hmm, sounds good, ano? i always see this drink in dramas and movies. but one of my friends who’s been to Korea, brought home Soju. i thibk higher ang alcohol content ‘nun, but not that much, diba?

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