Three years ago, I was in search of the best ultra compact digital camera. And I end up buying the Konica Revio KD-400. It isn’t really the best as far as camera popularity is the standard but I really really loved it. I could put it in my jean pocket and the pictures it took were really nice. Then my son accidentally broke it.
Three months ago, I was again in search of the best compact digital camera that I could afford. After spending hours searching, I finally settled on Canon A720IS. It ain’t perfect and flash recycling time is as slow as others have said but I’m liking it.
Now I’m searching for the best travel digital camera and it isn’t for me. My husband will be traveling again soon (Malaysia and Indonesia) and I wouldn’t want him to borrow my camera. I know of people who feel crippled when they don’t have a cellphone. I feel the same way when I don’t have a camera with me. I’m not good at photography but I just don’t want to miss special moments.


  1. Seonggyu is so adorable! This is one of those moments (oops, I almost used another camera/film brand’s tagline) 🙂

  2. ^ thanks. i have seen the pictures you shared… i’ll make it a point to post them next week!

  3. lol I love your reason for not getting the best camera. I am actually getting a cellphone with a decent camera. I value quality, and don’t want to miss a photo moment, but it is something I am willing to compromise for with convenience.
    Right now, I have a camera, but it is tucked away too inconveniently in my bag to get out many times, hehe.
    Great example photo to make your point, haha.

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